F/S Chopper 66/80cc w/29" fork

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    I'd like to sell my motorized chopper. It's 27" frame with 29" fork and 50" wheel base (about 30" stand over height). Motor is a Grubee GT5 Skyhawk 66/80cc (2 cycle) and it has a new NT carb on it. Half gallon gas tank. All lights (head/brake/signal), rear carrier rack (and the seat does adjust, ha ha). I changed out the carb (has a new NT on it), the fuel line and a new heavy duty petcock/fuel shut off. It is also a custom paint color - some would call it burnt orange, some might call it "electric orange" ...

    When the weather is great for riding, my job requires a lot of hours. Unfortunately I don't have much time to ride it. The engine has about 20 miles on it. I'm taking offers on it, so please PM me if you're interested or have any questions. If you give me your email, I can send more pictures too (can't get more to upload here) Thanks a lot!

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