F/S Complete kit [SOLD]

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by ator, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. ator

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    For sale is a kit I recently bought from "bike to moped"

    You will get everything in the kit seen here:


    I bought this a few weeks ago, finally got it going but have since decided to go with a friction kit. I paid (w/shipping) $209.84

    The cheap cluck lever cracked where it mounts to the handlebars but still mounts and works. I may have a bike lever I can through in instead if you like. (I have tons of bike parts)

    Looking to get $120 plus paypal fees and shipping, so about $125 plus actual shipping. I am taking a loss but I would like to see someone use this.

    reason why I list the price the way I do is because if you are in SE Michigan and want to come pick it up and give me $120, that's cool

    You can check me ebay feedback here:


    and my feedback from bmxmuseum here:


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  2. dan+1

    dan+1 New Member

    pm sent
  3. dan+1

    dan+1 New Member

    Deal Made
  4. Al.Fisherman

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    For information, "How not to pay PayPal fees" When on PayPal click on to "Send Money" On the new page you will see Purchase/Personal tab. Choose "Personal" tab. Now you will have 5 different choices, I use the "GIFT" tab. Now fill out to whom you will pay. There are NO fees charged.
  5. ator

    ator New Member

    Sold to dan, should go out Saturday

  6. dan+1

    dan+1 New Member

    Showed up in the mail. Thanks.