F/S Staton friction drive [SOLD]

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by rwquiring, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. rwquiring

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    I have decided to go a different direction with the MB and sell my Staton friction drive, Subaru-Robin EOH-35 with all the goodies that come with the kit. I have included pics of the parts. $275 firm. I have run this motor for about 200 miles so it was just getting broken in, I also painted the cowling because I hated the baby **** yellow that it was origanally. The only problem that I had with it was a snapped drive roller which Staton replaced for me (Good customer service). In the mean time I had a local machine shop drill and tap and install a hardened stud in the end of the roller and put it back in, so I am including a brand new roller. Both rollers are 7/8 inch.
    This price includes shipping.

    PM me if interested


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  2. Have you sold this yet?
  3. rwquiring

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    Nope, you are the first person to show any interest. Are there any questions that I can answer for you?

  4. This is a great deal! How is the acceleration with a friction vs a chain drive? I know it's WAY more complicated than that but maybe you have a general opinion?
  5. Oh and why are you selling it? Moving on to other things?
  6. rwquiring

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    I am not sure of what the difference is between the friction vs. chain because all I have had is a friction, I weight about 210 and I can motor along at about 21-22 mph which is all right for me.

    The reason that I want to sell it is that I would like to buy a crusier bike and a in the frame style of motor, just a change I guess, I also have a Kawasaki KLR 650 that I bomb around on also.

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    There is nothing really complicated about friction drive, it is the simplest and the most reliable set-up there is.

    I am doing 22MPH with BMP 1" roller + Subaru ECO, and

    33MPH with BMP 1.25" roller coupled to HF 52 cc 2 stroke.

    I weigh 280 lb.

    There is a fellow in Hawaii armed with 2 engines 1 on each wheel friction drive, he does over 40 MPH.
  8. Haha yeah I know the friction drive is very beautifully simple. The chain drive with everything from transmission to gearing that would be hard to compare.
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    That's my good friend 5-7 Heaven. He is quite active here. Nice setup, but sure wears the tires, and is no good in wet!
  10. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Thanks for props, Ed.

    My first engine kit was a Staton friction drive with 1.125" roller and that same engine. It was the perfect setup to start with. Top speed was 27mph on my 20" Dahon folder.

    Your setup is a great starter at an excellent price. :detective:
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    would you sell w/o engine??
  12. rwquiring

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    really would like to sell as a whole kit.

  13. rwquiring

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    Sale Pending
  14. rwquiring

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    Thank you Daniel
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    Thanks for the great deal I wanted to post to let everyone know this was a great motor for a great price, it was well packaged and you could tell rwquiring really cared

    Here is a picture of my newly motorized bike.

    I had to do some of my own customizing to make it work as BikeEs are unusual bike.


    I would glad do business with rwquiring in the future.
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    Thanks, I'm glad that everything turned out good, I am always worried when you ship something. Looks like a great ride, I will have to post some pics of my new ride when I get it done.