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    I am not satisfied with kit tank so it has lead me to consider other options...what is the general consensus on fabricating a tank for era replication, volume and looks?
    To generalize...

    1). Building a metal tank ($$$) with proven race durability

    2). Molding a fiber tank/epoxy ($$) with or without 1/2 gallon china tank)

    3). Buying vintage Motorcycle tank that mates easily up to bike frame.

    If you have fabbed one successfully, please explain your rational and maybe your techniques in light detail.


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    might wish to try some searches

    there are some custom gas tanks been seen around this site -- made from many different things

    have fun as you ride that MB thing
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    Here is a link to a post by Dan/IRideCustoms showing his process of fabricating a metal tank. http://www.motoredbikes.com/showpost.php?p=80179&postcount=1 Several other members have used various makes of Moped gas tanks. The moped tanks are smaller that the tanks generally used for motorcycles and are quite a bit cheaper to buy either new or used. I bought a 78 Malaguti moped tank off e-bay just before christmas for $12.50 The shipping was more than the cost of the tank. The tanks from the General 5-Star mopeds are very good looking and a couple of members here have used them. These tanks seem to hold in the neighborhood of 1.8 - 2.5 gals. There are a couple of nice tanks currently being sold on e-bay type in moped gas tank.

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    Gas Tank

    Hey there, I made a rather simple one for my "board tracker" style bike...A bit on the pricey side though...I orderrd 18" of 3" diam brass tubing and two domed end caps...This can be done with thin walled steel tubing ( I'll go with steel next time ) at a much lower price I'm sure but you may have to order the end caps in brass or stainless to get smooth caps..Anyway, I ordered from a company that sells tubing for bar rails and hand rails and stuff like that...I started by cutting out the filler neck and cap from the stock supplied tank...I soldered that in and found that the neck was too short and the cap was hitting my bike frame...I went to a plumbing store and got a chrome drain pipe and cut that to about 4 inches ( to clear my upper frame tube ) and soldered that to the filler neck and did a J.B. Weld job around the neck and some sanding to make it a smooth transition into the tank...I will have to paint my tank because I put a few deep scratches in the brass building it...Then I went to the local "Carquest" auto parts store and bought a better fuel petcock for like 6 bucks made by "Prime Line" and a brass female fitting which was soldered into the bottom of the tank and then threaded in the petcock...Oh and by the way, because of the flair on the filler neck I had find another type of gas cap so I purchased a 1 1/2" test plug that expannds a rubber plug when the wing nut on the top is cranked down..I have since modified the test plug to look a little nicer on the filler neck..Anyway thats how I did it and and it held pressure on the test and doesnt leak..I'm guessing it holds about 1 and 1/2 the amount of fuel the other tank held but to be honest I havent measured it yet...Heres a couple of older pics, I took tons while making the tank but I dont have any new ones yet... I'll try to upload some new ones soon...To answer another of your questions, I think I have about $70 into this tank but it can be done cheaper...Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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