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Feb 19, 2008
Sacramento, CA
Has anyone fabricated a fairing for their motored bike?
I assume someone seeking increases in MPG and/or speed would have tried this.
Any pics?
I didn't fabricate it.

I have a Windwrap GX on the trike. Too early to tell if it makes much difference. I'll test for variation in mileage this summer. Pretty hard to determine the difference between 125 and 126 mpg.
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up here we call em cow catchers. ive never built one, but instaled one on a harley. augi gave me the idea to put somthin in my bars. i plan to do that this summer.fairing can be seen in my avatar, but is fairly common. but not o an 86 softail what that one is on.
If one's focus is to improve speed and distance, I think a more effective place to start on a bike is by cleaning up the wake of the rider with a rear fairing. The frontal area of the bike itself is relatively small, and the frontal area of the rider tends toward a rounded shape, but it's the turbulence off the backside that is largest and really slows a person down.

Put another way, an object with low turbulence has low drag, and frontal area is rarely the largest contributor to it. E.g., a brick with only a nose-cone will never have as low a drag as a brick with only a smooth tapered tail-cone.
But how would you add a tail-cone to a bike? ... especially in such a fashion that you wouldn't be able to just go ahead and make a front fairing as well?
yup, seems to me that a rear cone without a full streamliner would just be a "scoop"...

imo - when it comes to the vehicle class "bicycle", streamlining is an all-or-none consideration, 'bents being the exception as easily streamlined with a fairing. my lil windshield experiments are great for weather protection, but pretty much useless aerodynamically. i bet my final version is not far from the bike as pictured in my avatar.

but - a full streamliner on a 40-48cc setup would make a good showing in the 50cc motorcycle class...some of these new engines are astounding.
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