Fall In PA


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I had a great time breaking in my Tanaka 33CC this weekend. Chilly yet comfortable, I blazed a few sparcely traveled backroads. Couldn't run at full speed over the leaves due to hidden surprises. ( holes, rocks etc) Pic of wife standing at the bottom of a " steep hill". Stereo photography is a preferred medium to render images of slopes and hills accurately. ( for those familiar with free-viewing I can use 3D pics) Otherwise you'll have to trust me....that's a steep hill.:eek:


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great pics....wish we had (more) trees in kansas. :LOL:

did ya hafta ride up that hill? or down that hill?
where are your bike pics on this run?
beautiful slice of America, you have there.
Very cool! There are some parts of Oregon that are very similar to that right now. Usually here all the leaves are soaked and mushy...HAHA!
Some day I'd like to see the east coast when the leaves are changing. It looks beautiful.
Thanks for the pictures and the memories! I lived in PA (Venango County, 50 miles south of Erie) until 2000 and then moved south for my "career". I still get homesick for PA in the Fall. Thanks again!
For a Desert Rat I have alway loved the fall. I worked up and down the Mississippi from Bimiji MN toward Clinton Iowa. Fall was the only time I would ever think of living where there are trees and water. Beautiful pictures. You got a couple of more weeks.
What beautiful photos, I've been waiting for them. Thanks for sharing. Around here the trees go green, brown, bare. A trip to the NE is on my list of things to do. Next time get a picture of your bike in there so it can be put in a MBc calendar.
Beautiful; jusst absolutely breath taking! We don't have that same majesty of Autumn (my favorite time of year) over here in Western Washington. Someday I'll ride my moto throught the Northeast in the fall... Thanks you for sharing!
No bike.....dumb

Yeah, like a dummy I forgot to include the bike in the photos. Here's a pic of the new install just before the maiden voyage. ( note leaves in the background:oops:)


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