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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by masterx1234, Jul 11, 2011.

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    well id hate to say it, but i aint into motorized bikes anymore, although it has been fun riding them for the last 4 years i find them very impractical, this is because regular bicycles just arent made to handle an engine pulling them, ive even spent 400 bucks on some of the strongest bikes i could find and yet things keep breaking more often than they should, i have recently bought a 50cc scooter from a friend for 300 bucks and this thing gets double the mpg of my bikes, and is pretty much maintenance-free and still doesnt require any tags or license. so with that said, ill probably just sell my 50cc motorized happytime bike and my other 80cc bike.. i dont mean to say these things are not useful, its just i hate having to fix something everytime i want to go out and ride and im very mechanically skilled and i fix cars for a living with my dad, i do however want to thank all of you on this forum for all your support since i joined and your advice will help with possible future builds (for friends).
    so farewell, ill check back in from time to time, and right now im selling my monsterscooter engine, just look for it in the buy/sell section

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    well a motorized bike is more of a novelty toy rather than dependable transportation.
    i still think that anyone who depends on a motorized bike for dependable, every day transportation is a little goofy.
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    I agree with both of you. I'd drive a moped if i could afford it.
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    LOL, just call me goofy.:jester:

    I try to commute a 12-mile round trip to work. I just hate paying $140 monthly for indoor parking, $55 for open parking or free street parking up to 3/8 mile away. With my MB, I get to park in the parking structure for free.

    You're right about fixing, though. Even tho my Tanaka is uber reliable, something almost always needs fixing.

    Like you, I bought a Honda 150cc scooter for $350.

    Now I just have to fix it!:whistling:
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    lol, i own 2 cars, 2 minivans, 2 motorcycles and 2 motorized bikes.
    of my 2 cars, one gets 33 mpg (my daughter drives it and it;s a chevy cavalier), my other car gets 8 mpg, and i drive it on occasion (it's my custom 55 pontiac).
    my 2 minivans (i drive one every day and my wife drives one every day) get between 24-26 mpg. my motorcycles are a 1973 kawasaki 100 enduro that i have owned since 1979, and i just ride it around for fun. my other motorcycle is a 1966 triumph bonneville that's all custom and it gets terrible gas mileage for a motorcycle because the engine has a ton of high performance work done to it.
    my motorized bikes are just novelty things to ride around on occasion and i normally just ride them around my neighborhood to anny the neighbors.
    I don't have to worry about paying for parking or anything like that so i drive my van to work.
    gas here is $3.69 a gallon, which is a far cry from what it was when i started driving (it was 89 cents a gallon when i got my first car).
    but, i don't mind paying that much for gas these days because i have to drive to get to the store or if i want go go anywhere because i live in a very rural area.
    if i were to attempt riding one of my motorized bikes to the store, i'd need 1/2 a day to do it.
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  6. Masterx1234. Due to my recent noted infractions on this magical site and the conscious awareness that I may get banned and would have to come up with a new username and be forced into newbie status again......I will try to use suitable " acceptable" language for the kids.

    Buy a motorcycle. Until then I will look for you on gopednation.com

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    Seems like you gave it a fair shot. Best of luck with your new ride! Truth is, lots of folks will find a scooter or small motorcycle is a better fit for their needs, if they don't have DL issues or remain convinced a couple hun is gonna buy them a low cost entry into trouble free two wheeled motor sports, lol.

    Still, I know a number of folks who put big miles on pedal bicycles every year. I've got a freind who rides 40 miles round trip daily, 5 days a week, including throughout the studded New England winter, lol Though he will never put a motor on any of his bikes, he does work on them all the time. With or w/out a motor, heavy usage/miles means a bicycle is always gonna require a mindset of a little zen and the art of............., :D
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    Although i do sympathize concerning the OP's decision and reasons for him giving up on MB riding i for can say that he's not alone when it come's to MB break-downs and repairs etc. I for one should know given i'm probably this forum's Champion interms of problematic MB faults however i'm persevering with the joy's that MB riding brings and have since stepped up a notch as i'm now riding MB using a Honda GXH 50 + Titan Carb. My two previous attempts were both disastrous as both the Chinese HT engine (bay seller unknown) and a Friction Drive type purchased from BGF proved both to be a useless piece junk.

    One of the advantages i've found with using my bike along with the Honda + friction drive unit purchased from Staton Inc is the very fact that the whole motor/drive unit can be easily taken off and put in the boot of the car when not required. The bike returning to it's original purpose for which it was designed for and easily transported on a car bike rack for which the same cannot be said for Mopeds & Scooters:grin5:

    Riding around the Street's of the French Capital thus so far, has seen a mixed reaction from Parisians who think "WoW, what a brilliant form of local transport" and a few people thinking the rider (that's me:evilgrin:) must be either stupid or dumb. Ofwhich i am niether LoL

    Happy MB Riding
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    Summer in Paris, you lucky dog. Following the Tour are you?

    The Euros are quite familiar with bicycles, MBs and motorcycles though, don't you think? I enjoy reading MB history, Velosolex originated in France and from what I've gathered from my reading, for example, the French Postal Service used them by the hundreds years back in mail route delivery.
  10. Basement_Modder

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    My transportation includes a 1990 Ford Festiva (45+ mpg) and my mom's 2005 Ford Escape (19-22mpg) and a motorbike soon enough.
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    In Paris when the locals notice my friction drive bike it's true they are not so shocked for seeing such a form of transport but nonetheless they are surprised at seeing the honda engine + friction drive setup being situated at the back of the bike. Tomorrow promises to be a clear sunny day @ 30C so i may try & take some photo's of the simple MB mode of transport at various famous landmarks around Paris and maybe post them on here if the Admin's allow? The idea is not about showing France's Capital Landmark's but actually how easy it is for getting around on such a neat peice of transport visiting the Sites.

    The Tour de France was in the past a big event for myself but since the allegations over many year's of riders using enhancer drug's etc the so called Sport for myself lost it's quality thus i only watch it for seeing some of France's beautiful Towns, Villages and Regions.

    Cheers & happy MB riding
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