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  1. jtbarnes89

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    26 inch cruiser grubee 66cc 2stroke..sbp expansion pipe..sbp high flow filter.. 36 tooth rear sprocket.. soon to be a 27 tooth from andy inchville.. and a set of ape hangers for a ratty look
    im hitting about 32mpg now but with the 27 tooth i should be able to put less stress o my motor with a top speed around 40mph
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  2. wheelbender6

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    I didn't see a pic. I want to see.
  3. Fulltimer

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    How will it handle hills with a 27 tooth on the back?

  4. This. ^
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    I have a cruiser build and thought that a smaller tooth sprocket was the real deal, while it may go a bit faster it sucks on hills where i need power. Good luck with your ideas
  6. jtbarnes89

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    heres my craigslist ad for it forsale.. and yes u are right it has less power on the hills but when u have an expansion pipe and a high flow filter u have a little more than twice the stock horse power.. so getting up to that speed is not an issue..
  7. hurricane

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    Nice build, but you did not add a price for it .

    Your frame is about the same as my cruiser build as you can see in the pic .

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  8. Doesn't add twice the power. I have SPB pipe, filter, boost bottle, did porting, and got a carb. I have a 36 tooth sprocket and wouldn't want to do any less then 32 teeth.

    You can try a 27, but I wouldn't recomend it unless you live is Saskatchewan or something.
  9. jtbarnes89

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    ok well im not sure of wat kind of calculations uve made but i started with a motor from grubee skyhawk motor stock kit with .476 horsepower and now i have 1.026 horsepower and yes u lose torque when u have less teeth in ur rear sprocket but ur gain in horsepower makes up for it if u really want to go down to the numbers u are adding around .8 mph for every tooth u drop but ur right u must also watch ur torque but if ur motor if tunned right u can get alot out of it.. you mentioned u have a 36 tooth.. i bet ur not even hitting 35mph
  10. jtbarnes89

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    i didnt add a price but i did already sell it for 350 and i have a micargi set up now
  11. My bike is actually good for 42MPH on the flat. Thats with 26" tires. Its the fastest bike on these forums I seen without multiple gears, or CVT.

    One of the best things you can do is porting, and pistin notch.
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    I don't know if I would trust my actual bicycle at those speeds unless I was on a REALLY smooth closed track... I've probably hit 30; I don't have a speedometer so I don't really know, but I've paced traffic on some faster roads here in town. I haven't done anything special to my bike, and overall it's heavy, so I doubt I am doing much more than 30.
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    y did u post that?
  14. jtbarnes89

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    well my bike is doing great now with my 27 tooth with top speed of 48.6 and cruising at around 45 to 46.. this was done with a gps and is very accurate

    ive seen stretch cruiser go 62 and still have pull...
  15. No way a 27 tooth would work where I live. There are huge hills, almost mountains all over the place.

    Worst thing about my bike is when I'm going fast and hit the breaks the front forks felx back and fourth about and inch. Wish I had my old Marzocchi Jr.Ts from my Norco. They are alot more sturdy, and made in Italy. mmm...
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    well ive got some pretty large hills where i live but i power through them pretty fast...

    i have a micargi frame now with these sweet front forks that are really sturdy and some huge ape hangers ill post a pic soon