Exhaust Faster with no baffle.

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by agrmodz, Aug 10, 2016.

  1. agrmodz

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    My bike is 10mph faster witrh no baffle for some reason and sounds better.. Is it okay for me to ride with no baffle? Will it damage the motor? Thanks!
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  2. Frankfort MB's

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    Most people frown upon it but I dig it!!!

    I've always said my bikes are faster w/o the baffle but most people say it's a hoax. The biggest thing I like about loud exhaust is people know I'm coming:)

    Nothing will happen to the engine btw:p
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    Recently I took a couple of performance test runs with my motorbike with a home made expansion chamber without a effective silencer on a late Saturday afternoon on a industrial & farm road on the edge of town. On one run, within minutes, I had to shut it down. The sound it too loud to be tested near an urban environment. Police appeared to be about ready to remind me of that. Engine noise appears to be a bigger potential troublemaker than riding too fast. If I were to wimp out and stay with a stock exhaust, it would be the chrome HT version over the black version. The chrome version seems quieter and on a 66, has more pulling power on the hills. I could speculate that the black exhaust was tuned for a 48 cc engine and is building an undesirable back pressure while under load on a 66.
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  4. agrmodz

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    Yeah, I put another motor on the bike because the old one had scratches all over it... Once it runs in, off goes that baffle!! I love the sound of the motor without the baffle aswell, It makes a loud popping noise every now and again which reminds me of my old dirt bike. It sounds so cool!!! I'll keep my baffle and stuff with me though just incase a coppa pulls me up for being too loud lol... Because the motor with the baffle on it is still quite loud. Without the baffle its probably louder than a racing motor bike at full rpm... hahhaha :p, good fun!!
  5. jaguar

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    you can modify the baffle to be less restrictive for more power.
    It's not necessary to totally gut it.
  6. agrmodz

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    I might have a go at modifying it in a few days, so just cut the pipe bit down a bit and drill some holes in the baffle?
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