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  1. what is the fastest engine you can put in a mountin bike, ive seen race 2strokers, will they fit?

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    speed has less to do with the engine and more to do with the size of the rear sprocket and overall weight of bike and rider.

    at least-- when it comes to the engines that fit on bicycles...
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    Check out 4.2hp 48cc engine at DAX, BMPs site has some interesting choices in the engine to use section.
  4. The regular HT engines can be fast if you put alot of mods, and get a shift kit. Some people get 50MPH out of them. That's pushing it to the extreme though.
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    gear ratio, wheel size, tire size, and rider weight have more to do with speed than the engine.
    think about it, you can make a 100 h.p. 4 cylinder engined car top out at 200 mph with the right gear ratio.
    you can make a 600 h.p. big block v-8 engined car top out at only 100 mph with the right gear ratio.
    of corse, it may take the 100 h.p. 4 cylinder 15 miles to get up to 200 mph, and it may only take the 600 h.p. big block an 1/8 mile to get up to 100 mph.
    on the other hand a 100 h.p. engine in an 1800 pound car will be faster than a 100 h.p. engine in a 3600 pound car.

    there are a lot of variables to making something fast.
    something being fast isn't the same as something being quick.
    a fast car can run 200 mph over a long distance. a quick car can run 200 mph in a very short distance.
    everyones every day car can run 115 mph over the right length of time, but put that car on a drag strip against a car with less h.p. than is geared to be quick, and the every day car will lose every time.
  6. i have the 49cc 4 stroke engine and it is very lazy compaired to the 49cc 2 stroke star fire one i had, does anyone know if this engine will fit on the 4 stroke mounting plate? ebay item number 370497979165, regards bill
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    That is one good looking engine!

    US $197 is not a bad price, but I think shipping across the pond would be a killer when added in!
  8. anyone know

    will this engine fit?
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    Fit what bike?
  10. a v frame this is the engine i have to date but a larger frame, ebay item number 290443826834