FAT BOY FORKS = OCC and... FIVE (5) Speed retrofit KIT for OCC w/Bolt on shifter!!!!!

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  1. Manic Hy-per

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    COMING THIS MONTH - JANUARY 2013! FAT BOY FORKS FOR OCC SCHWINN STINGRAY or substantially any bike - we will also build super wide [accomodate 4.25 inch wide wheel] forks to suit your need. Steering tubes up to 14 inches long [threadless] and.. fork Legs upto 31 inches.

    Also, never before available! 5 speed retro-fit kit [complete] Will allow you to change your OCC Stingray from a single Speed to 5 speed with a few simple parts installations! "BOLT ON" SHIFTER MECHANISM - will also work with Super Wide Sturmey Archer Wheel / Hub kit found at cyclesus (when in stock) or if you find a used OCC 3 speed rear wheel you can use our bolt on shifter on any OCC Chopper to make it a 3 speed.