fat tire mini 20x4.1/4

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    I want into walmart and checked out the bikes first thing I found was a awesome 20 inch by 4 and a quarter wide fat tire mongoose with a street tread. I immediately called dibs and ran to a register. I knew this little bike was going to need some serious modification in order to accept a engine. with welder in one hand and grinder In the other I got to work! so I plan on cutting the tubes that are in the way and just rewelding them off to the side a little bit and for the bottom tube and seat post tube I cut and rewelded them to get chain clearance around the fat tires.. a monster energy theme and this is what ive got so far stock mongoose bmax.jpg stock. diff view nub mini.jpg I cut these 8 shapes out of thick steel and used them to relocate the bars bmax cut up.jpg beasties bike mini.jpg engine test fit!
    PC120043.jpg PC120037.jpg PC120047.jpg PC120042.jpg I found out after paint the the left side chain stays hit the frame so I not done but its 85% there.. any improvement ideas?

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    Nice! I await your review after it is up and running.

    Coming up from behind it looks more like a motorcycle than a bike.