Tires FAT tires,,, 26" x 3" tires

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by DougC, May 8, 2008.

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    I tried searching this forum and the entire site and didn't find any mentions of these. The "search all open forums" option seemed to return zero results pretty quickly, so that may be disabled and someone has already mentioned them elsewhere.

    I have just now seen that the Kenda Kraze (black) tires are available in 26" x 3".
    One site that has them, for $23 each:
    I have seen several other 3" wide tires, but they were always for 24" rims.

    Someone on a newsgroup mentioned that these measure a true 2.7" wide, when mounted on 47mm wide rims. I don't know where to get 26" x 3" innertubes, but I'd guess Kenda sells them... ?

    Also these may not be compatible with many rear-wheel-drive setups; I have mentioned elsewhere that 2.3" wide Big Apples come within 1/8" or so of a GEBE belt drive. People running electric hub motors shouldn't have a problem however.

    You may also need a fender made specifically for these tires as well--I'd bet that most others would not fit over them.

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