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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by JimKamenidis, Sep 26, 2010.

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    What about them. What do you need them for.
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    Well,.,.,.,.,. first thing to realize is that all you funny-talking people in Euroland get Schwalbe tires for cheap compared to us US peeples.... Most bicycle tires in the USA cost $20-$35, but the Schwalbes are up around $50. The importer is in Canada, so we get to pay for shipping twice. Here, Schwalbes are one of the most expensive brands for the 26"/559mm size.

    For the price you're paying (£16.99, Fat Frank) they're not bad, but not anything special either. Many US people building antique-style motorized bikes pay for the Fat Franks because they come in cream and brown colors, though I recall the N American distributor couldn't get anything but the black ones for a long time (I don't know if that problem is resolved or not).

    For what it's worth, among non-motorized riders the Marathon tires get mentioned a lot more than the Fat Franks.

    Also we note: 2.35" wide tires will rub a lot of engine chain-drives unless special measures are taken.
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    Again what about them. Do you want these tires because they are pretty, flat resistant or because they are wider. What is there primary purpose. I use marathons because they are durable and they support two overweight people on a tandem.
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    I laughed --> The euro land :D

    Im from Portugal, and here there are no decent tyres (white tyres, and so on)

    We need to import all from Germany or USA :)
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    My buddy has the cream colored fat franks there cool...They offer them in rubber wraped kevlar super strong. Scwalbe makes great tire's i have them on all my bike's.I personaly like the BIG APPLES and Marathons..Looking to get some KOJACKS there supper slick.....There realy not that exspensive...The company I work for is a dealer so I get them supper cheap... I recomend schwalbe to anyone for almost any application...They also make great scooter tires.
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    The Schwalbe tires are durable and do not fail when overinflated on our tandem. There 2"X26" marathons will support 140kilos per tire. I spend 32 per tire before shipping and they hold up really well.