Fatal mistake?-Forgot to mix oil in gas for one ride.

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Kncool, Sep 2, 2007.

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  1. Kncool

    Kncool Guest

    Ok so I've had my 70cc dax for 2-3 weeks, I've been breaking it in at various throttles at 30:1 mix of oil. But for some EDIT!!! reason I grabbed the wrong can of gas today (unmixed) and refilled it.
    I took it out and rode it and no problem at all for a 4-5miles
    Decided to head to the local lake. I was on this hill and was full throttling to climb it but when I heard that the engine was revving too high I pulled in the clutch. By the way my kill switch broke off so I adjusted the idler screw so that the engine dies when clutch is pulled in Everything seems fine up till this point, engine died after clutch is in. Then the engine started again with the cluth still in, so I pulled the breaks and came to a stop and the engine died. From this point the engine is in a seized-like state, however I can still turn the piston with the tool that came with the kit.
    Opened the clutch covered (chain is not stuck), opened the gear cover on other side, took out the screw that keeps the plate on to the clutch materials but cant put it back. Now clutch pin wont go all the way in. Will get pictures tomorrow.
    Anyways my main question is: Can I save my engine as I really dont have money to buy a new one :(, back to school shopping is expensive.
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  2. You might get lucky but no guarantees....The same thing happened to me when one of my helpers put straight gas into a Lawn Boy Mower (2 cycle engine)....The engine locked up tight....I followed the advice of a local mechanic and put some oil down the park plug hole and let it sit for a couple days....Fired it up on the 3rd day and has been running fine ever since!....Word of caution tho...If the engine is tight (was this done while the engine was hot or did it sit awhile before you manually turned it over)....YOU should NOT try to force things because you are essentially or possibly wearing the parts unnecessarily....I would try what the mechanic told me to do....Unscrew the sparkplug and put some oil into the engine...I moved mine around to distribute the oil throughout the cylinder...and let it sit a couple days....Hopefully it will work for you as it did with my mower in the past.

    Good luck.

  3. rcjunkie

    rcjunkie Guest

    Just squirt some oil down the plug hole and into the intake. Then rotate the engine by hand and start her back up with the correct mixture.

    Time for you to start using a 2 stroke oil that has castor. The castor will build up on the cylinder wall and on the rings and hopefully help seals things up form the damage no lube caused.

    Maxima 927 is an oil that contains 20% castor oil blended with synthetic.
  4. Kncool

    Kncool Guest

    Thank you guys for your advices, I will go grab some castor oil tomorrow. The problem turned out to be that the tiny screw that holds in the big screw that holds in the clutch plate came lose and got grinded up by the gears (hence silver shaving in my gear box) ouch I know. I readjusted the clutch plate and actually got the bike up and running again, I dont know about any long term damage that might've been done though, I noticed a little loss in power but I will try to correct it.
    So if you notice and unusual metal grinding noise tear apart your engine until you locate the culprit, dont be like me, I dismissed it as the chain noise. Im just glad my engine still worksss.
  5. iRide Customs

    iRide Customs Member

    That's what i use...good stuff and it smells like the motocross races in the 70's.
  6. Kncool

    Kncool Guest

    Hmm couldnt find Maxima 927, but I did find the Castor brand 2 stroke oil, I assume that it has castor in it :D
  7. You guys sure know what you all are talking about just by the quality of your rides.
    I just bought some Maxima 927 on e-bay.Big 'ol jug.
    What to do without this forum...
    5 oz to a gallon if I'm not correct?
  8. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    that will give you a 25:1 ratio
    which does pretty good with a broken in happy time
  9. I think I'll go 6 for a while. Funny thing is that I don't think it's broken in yet even though I've already been almost thru two tanks and around 175 miles. Maybe that sinthetic oil is slowing the process.
    When my oil shows up,I'm switching out right away.
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  10. Just curious but is your engine still alive and well?
  11. Kncool

    Kncool Guest

    The motor is alive and recovering, It did lose some power around 3-4mph :( However I think that this will be fixed as I continue breaking in the bike with castrol oil.
  12. That's good news....I mean at least it still works....As you said, maybe with a little break in the motor may pick up a little more speed and get you back to where you were before.