Father-Son Western flyer project

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    We found a 50's western flyer x-53 super at an antique shop locally and are in the process of refurbishing (not restoring) it.

    Craigslist found us a donor Huffy Cranbrook for wheels, tires bearings etc. Together they should make one fine ride.

    Next comes the motor, we are reading all about them here and deciding what brand to buy right now, and we will be buying two ( I am going to finish the cranbrook for myself)

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    That's one wicked WF. My Flyer (unmotorized) is a 1976 model, but still American made.
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    I grew up with riding the old Western Flyer bikes, as well as J.C. Higgins bikes, from Sears. I haven't seen one like that one in your pix, though. That bike may be worth $300-500 in decent shape . NOTE; If those new wheels you are going to use are from a newer Chinese bikes, check out the bearings/axles on them. I have seen a WHOLE NEW bike not have a teaspoon full of grease in it !
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    A little info on the bike....it is a Western Flyer x-53 super probably 1956(ish). We found it the week before Christmas and bought it the week after.

    We totally disassembled the bike and the donor as well. My son decided not to restore the bike since he wants to ride it, so we put all the hardware and bits and pieces away till he decides to do a full blown restoration. The crank and wheels from the huffy fit wonderfully but the stem bearings we had to rob from a childs bike.

    Took it for a spin Sunday, now to order the motors..........