Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by FatPete, Jun 26, 2007.

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  1. FatPete

    FatPete Guest

    My bikes[​IMG]
    What to choose?

  2. Dockspa1

    Dockspa1 Guest

    Are these both your bikes or are you trying to choose wich one to build?
    Had to do a double take on th green one until I realized those were expanded battery boxes for the electric hub drive.
    How far can you go on a charge?
  3. iRide Customs

    iRide Customs Member

    Very nice! Is that your bike that is behind the wall in the first picture? If it is, can you post some more pics of it?


  4. FatPete

    FatPete Guest

    All three bikes in the pictures are mine, the one behind the wall is a Sachs Madass, it's the only one I didn't build, Perhaps if I had built it, I wouldn't be waiting for the replacement wheelbearings to arrive. If you ever see one of these for sale, put your fingers in your ears, cross the street,and shout Lala la la la la, till it goes away. The Leccy bike about 20-30 miles on new cells. As they get older about from my house to the off-license, (for my booze).
  5. jerryt

    jerryt Guest

    Hey FatPete,

    FUGGADABOUDIT!! Choose the 2 great bikes you built (save them for that good looking kid) and throw the Sachs in the Thames..
    I'm curious about the hub motor and batteries
  6. FatPete

    FatPete Guest

    Leccy bike

    Firstly, my youngest boy says thanks for the complement. On the electric bike I used a 500w cont. Heinzmann hub motor in each wheel, a 110amp motor controller and three 24amp/hr gel batts. It's done just under 10,000 miles now and is really in need of some new batteries. regards FatPete.
  7. jerryt

    jerryt Guest

    2 Heinz hubs?? Impressive!! My old eyes thought that was a rear disc brake. and 500w each? Any trouble with the gendarmes?

    Do you believe you will upgrade to nickle or lithium batteries?
  8. FatPete

    FatPete Guest

    Hi Jerry, no trouble with the Boys in Blue yet. Perhaps because I ride consideratly and have a beard which is mostly white now, goes with the hair. SLA batts can take a lot of abuse and I'm not too sure nicads or nickle would like the current drain. I would like to loose the extra weight though.
  9. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    cool bikes
    I bet that twin motored electric has lots of torque. how fast, top end??
  10. FatPete

    FatPete Guest

    Only 23mph with these motors, I was looking for torque. Heinznann do another motor which tops out about 35 in a 26in wheel. Two off those would do it, but the ones I have are brilliant off-road. Gravel riverbed, steep bank...no problem.
  11. Lowell

    Lowell Guest

    Any more pics of the bike in the background of the first pic?
  12. FatPete

    FatPete Guest

    Pics As requested, I couldn't resist the logo on the bottom of my licence plate, one day I'll grow up.