Faux Cushman

First real road going thing I owned was a 1947 Cushman step thru scooter when I was 11. Rode it til I was 15 and got a 57 Triumph
Tiger motorcycle. Always wanted another Cushman so I few years back I looked for one. No way I could afford the prices they were bringing.
So decided to build something similar. Its scratch built from scrounged materials. Powered by an ungoverned 212 electric start and a clone
Tav30. Has a rear hydraulic disc which really hauls it down. Front end is a NOS 65 Suzuki 100. Even has an analog GPS speedo. Its tops in the low 50s and is fairly quick about it. Body removes quickly for service. Its easy and a pleasure to ride.


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Thanks yall!

This is the second wood bodied thing I have built. The first was a 2seat 3wheeled car. I learned a lot with that build.
It was layered with epoxy and fine fiberglass, that had the feel of something like panty hose. Was $$ too.
This one is just soaked with thin epoxy to fill the wood, block sanded, primed and painted. Wasnt gonna bust my butt
on this one. Still turned out fairly nice. Its been ridden a good bit to perfect the mechanics before the body was done.

Waiting on a set of 1800 rpm springs for the Tav30 then its finished. The 1800s make something like this take off so much nicer.
Missed the car show with it this week end, was gonna take it and the Maytag bike. Maybe next year.