Favorite places to ride?

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    I recently rebuilt my bike and motor on the cheap and have been doing a lot of trail/off road riding.
    I've been enjoying the trails much more than the roads just because of the excitement of being out in nature. Feels good to just rip around in the gavel and dirt even if the motor isn't that powerful it still pulls very well if you have it sealed right so you don't get air leaks, a major cause of power-loss with these 2-Stroke engines.
    In case anyone was wondering about the frame I'm just using a Chromoly Steel Norco mountain bike I converted to V-Brakes from center-pull cantilever, 26" shimano rims with maxxis high roller tires, Also it has no shocks sadly.


    So what are your favorite places to ride, do you enjoy riding on the trails like I do? I'd love to hear it. Also post some picture of your Motorized bikes too I love seeing other peoples builds.

    Happy riding everyone!
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    image.jpg Would love to get mine on some trails. I'm in South Beach. I love hitting the streets over to the beach, shutting it off, and pedaling down the main Boardwalk. Still breaking it in but as soon as that's done and have all the bugs worked out, I plan on some longer tides.

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    WOW! That is a stunningly good looking build. You must be getting a good amount of power with that head and muffler, If you do plan on getting on trails I would suggest front and back fenders I got covered in sand a few weeks ago before I made my front fender since nothing fits my bike and I just stole the rear fender from my 29"er while I wait for the one from china. What kind of bugs are you having? I may be able to help. Also do you have a bigger picture of that amazing build?
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    Just tuning issues. I'm still breaking it in so lots of oil in the mix. Running rich, fouling plugs etc...
    Bogging out with my 44t sprocket, I got a 33.7mph on 1st day. It's running better and loosening up some now. I'm sure with right gearing it will move up top when running right. I'll gear it one day for an all out run but will most likely gear for 40mph for around here. Still want some pick up as well. Thought I had it rejected close but fouled a plug yesterday and it was all wet when I yanked it. Waiting on a #7 iridium plug.
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    There's a bunch of pics under the thread "she's finally alive"

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    Trouble with fouling and bogging down huh, I know that one.

    What you want to do is open up your carburetor and move the jetting pin up one notch. I've found the motors just run better when they are have a leaner fuel mixture, noting to do with the high oil to gas ratio just to clarify it will run just as well with lots of oil in your brake in period. After your done braking it in run a 32:1 Ratio that's about 150ML per 5L of fuel or fl. oz.: 5.0721 and Gallons: 1.32086 This is what I've run in my bikes for years and it works very well.

    Just to give you a better idea the pin has 5 notches the default position is third down from the top of the pin where the notches start move the pin to the second position and you should see a very noticeable improvement.
    use this picture for reference, it's in the same same position you need to set it too.[​IMG]

    Just re-set your idle screw to a better position since you would be firing more easy making it idle higher. I've also I have had those Iridium plugs they are very good I just use NGK B6HS now since they are cheap, too bad my actual good motorized bike for stolen last year it had one of those Iridium plug NGK BPR6HIX, I've also replaced my plug cap with a NGK LZFH since the stock one falls apart if you have the plastic one that is the rubber one is just fine.

    29" Hard tail with front shocks, front disc brake rear V-brake steel frame the perfect bike for me. I also had a massive 4L tank you can't get anymore and a amazingly good kit with all hardened steel hex bolts over the whole engine, racing crab, expansion chamber muffler. Those where the days. Anyways try that it should solve your problem .
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    I'm not running the stock NT carb. I have a dellorto clone. Only main jet to change. I have the jaguar CDI so assume cap is good but do want to adjust to a higher setting. Put a new b6hs in gapped .25. Ratio at 32.1. And a .62 jet
    Starts good, pulls ok but at top it then seems to run lean or sort of stop pulling and just doubling lean, if you know what I mean. Can't imagine it's lean when it was obviously way rich with a .64 in it. Will do a real throttle chop tomorrow and check plug.
    I'm learning, just very slowly!

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    Have a brand new motor ran a tank and a half through and developed a crank case leak still ran OK I guess I didn't go over 15mph then one day last week got on bike cause it finally warmed up a bit outside and bike had total power loss and acted like it was flooding so I shut fuel off while riding and right before running out gas it ran great so I leaned up fuel 1 notch ,didn't help adjusted float didn't help, help?!
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    I like riding the canal banks, it's like our own Autobahn.
    The bike lanes on the wandering divided roads between towns are nice too.

    But I grew up with dirt bikes and lived on the edge of town so my backyard was open desert ;-}
    MB's that can take some off-road are cool.

    This Surley built from the frame up to be mountain goat.


    It was jack-shafted to retain the back disc and the geared way down with a big sprocket on the right.


    It was build for off-roading and it liked it ;-}


    It could be beat that pretty hard just 'test riding', but not as hard as the MotoPed.

    That's the king. Basically a motorcycle with pedals also built from the bare frame up.


    88cc 4-stroke power and really HD frame.

    The Surley as good sized well equipped bike, but MotoPed was considerably beefier and a softtail


    Anyway, the parts exist for an offroad MB, but they don't come cheap.

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    Like you said it sound's like a crankcase leak to me.
    If you don't keep things tight on all the bolts you will get very bad power-loss that will only get worse over time. An example of this happening to me is the bolts braking due to high torque and stress from lack of tensile strength, Bolts loosening over time due to vibrations will make you lose power as well, you need you make sure things are checked and tighten very
    regularly. You can help this problem by using high temp permanent thread locker, this will help stop loosening overtime.

    What you need to do is get replacement bolts if you have those horrible yellow Philips bolts. Get yourself some black hex M6 X 1.0 bolts to replace the crappy Chinese ones. Take all the bolts out using an impact gun, air screw driver or a manual impact tool. If you have a remover tool use it to take out the bolts in behind the clutch. Then take all the bolts with you and pick out the same size replacements if ordering online make sure to know how many millimeters they are before hand. Another thing you can do is reinforce the gaskets with RTV Red or RTV Copper This helps things stay sealed when everything is tight.

    Replacing the head nuts and washers can also help a bit, just bring a head stud with you to find a nut that fits since not every engine kit has the same studs for the top end I can't really say what size they would be for sure.

    I plan to do this very soon to replicate the Engine I had with all black hex bolts right out of the box. You want hex socket cap bolts. If your new to taking these engines apart I can make you a video to help you understand the process.

    You can get some here: https://www.fastenal.com/

    If you still need some help feel free to ask.
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    I've always wanted a MotoPed but they are much to expensive for me. I do however have an oil-cooled 140CC Lifan from a pit bike, This one: http://www.pccmotor.com/lifan-140cc-engine-motor--oil-coo.html that would work perfect for one if I have the money for the kit. I used to also have a VERY nice 29" with Front shocks, front Disk-brake and Rear V-Brake that got stolen from my workplace due to employer negligence, with one of the best kits I ever had. All black hex bolts, even the studs where the same high strength metal, Speed carburetor, Expansion muffler, Huge 4L gas tank, 4 hole chain tensioner and a nice thick 41 tooth sprocket best bang I ever got for a kit. I sure miss that thing I used to ride it absolutely everywhere including off-road and on the trails. Anyways those are two fine looking builds, you've done a fantastic job making them look good and I'm sure they ride great too!

    Also a link to the bike I used for that build: http://tinyurl.com/jc2eqxk

    It's one of my favorites because of the front disc read v-brake with front shocks setup, the only downside is to absolutely need an offset intake, the universal frame adapter with the bigger U-bends the stock one will not fit and you have to rotate the slant head to it's facing forwards. It's very similar to the Surley minus the Shift kit and the rear Disc brake.
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    For me, it will be a nice curvy country road with mountains in the backdrop on a well paved road with no cracks and potholes. Not an off-road fan. As you might know we don't really have great road suspension and literally I feel like every bump in the road even with lower PSI tires and front fork. It kinda sucks tbh. And, the fact that we have to ride in the side of the road where most of the cracks and rocks resides... It is a small price to pay to enjoy the bikes, but you know just complaining... :p
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    Ya, the MotoPed is an expensive frame and parts kit, but really great parts for $2K.

    I bought the engine on a whim and decided no regular bike frame could take it and that's when I found the MotoPed frame and thought what heck, I'll try it ;-}

    Thanks for the Kudos.
    You can take the Boy out of the Desert, but you can't take Desert out of the Boy ;-}

    I messed with Fat Tire off-road bikes too.
    The Sun Crusher was fun.


    It loved the desert.


    That's my back yard ;-}

    And even took on a 4+" Dolomite fat tire.


    Had to go electric shifter, but 980W of pure power would really move the thing, it was just awkward to ride.

    I have since found a 4-stroke shifter with 3" tires to be ideal for on-off road use.


    The Desert Boy is very happy with this new design ;-}

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    My bike has no suspension at all which honestly sucks. I'd like to find a new bike with Front suspension for cheap on craigslist. I just enjoy the joy of having my bike tuned and leak free for a bit in the nice trails around my area, well until something breaks inevitably and I have to fix it or have to find and pull apart used engines like in my resent case with my camshafts clutch arm snapping off. I find what helps with a better ride is better tires, rims, freshly packed bearings, bigger wheels like 29" instead of 26" and of course good front suspension, if your really lucky full suspension.