FD and rear suspension?

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    So i'm not having much luck finding the answer, which might mean it's a non-issue but i'd rather make sure.

    The question is how do rear friction drive set-ups handle the extra play of rear suspension? I know how it would be done on a chain, chain tensioner and such. But not sure on a roller. Since i'm not finding much i'm kinda assuming that tire flex would just eat the extra play? o_O? maybe?

    I ask because i'm shopping for a bike right now and just saw a 3 bike lot on CL. A huffy ladies bike(nice handle bars), a full suspension mongoose(and this one looks pretty new! Springy seat too.), and a no name mountain bike(meh, spare parts), all for $75. I imagine i could coble together a nice starter bike from the 3. ^^
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    I dont see where it matters one way or the other as long as the motor is mounted on a rear section that is connected to the swingarm and not to the frame. You can always change the setup with a hacksaw and a welder.
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    oh der! XD Ha ha!

    For some reason i was thinking it was attached at both points o_O just looked at pics AGAIN, how did i not see that whilst asking myself that question. Not to much experience with bikes and none with engines on bikes.

    Total brain fart ^^; sorry
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    :p Yeah. I was all like not paying enough attention >.< XD

    Actually the type of suspension i was thinking of is the same as in this Gallery(the blue bike). Not the original concern but the roller assembly look awful close to the seat/seat post. I wonder if a hard enough bump would cause them to become... better acquainted XD Not a big deal though. I can fab a bracket to fix the issue no sweat if it ever actually becomes an issue.

    Thanks for humoring me though y'all ^^;
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    how does the owner fill the tank with it at that angle??
    when I had the stock tank on it was a pain to fill and mine sat level
    stock tank was only good for 13 miles and it was empty. It is 15 miles to work...

    the tank shown is 1/2 gallon good for over 60miles
    Engine is 31cc 4stroke
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    You don't say? o_O Good to know. I'll deff be taking that in to consideration.
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    my commute is 14 miles each way with very rough streets and i needed full suspension so i put together this setup. you can buy the u-bar extension from the manufacturer for this type of full suspension MTB. ride is decent with little or no bottoming outs but i do lose some top end speed compared to the same setup on my hard tail MTB. fuel usage is decent @ 1/4 liter for 14 miles on a Subaru-Robin. please note that the rack is in the raised position when i took this picture. when its locked down on the wheel the rack is perfectly horizontal.
    mongoose gas bike.jpg
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    The frame has not been the problem for me it was the wheels and the butter soft bearings... now replaced wheels with double wall 12 gauge spoked wheels
  10. I put a friction drive on my Schwinn Protocol .1. The rear suspension is considerably lower than the one on your bike. I fabricated a new front bracket for the friction drive out of a steel flat bar, bent to fit, and a length of flat aluminum to give it some side to side rigidity. I used a u-bolt to 001.jpg 002.jpg mount the front bracket to the top arm of the rear suspension fork. I'll see if I can get some pictures that will show it.
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    Be careful of hard bumps/potholes on the Next Avalon!

    I have one that's formerly an axle mounted chain drive, now back to friction because of a bad pothole that bent my rim, bent my mount plate, torqued the forks so now they wobble front/back, stretched the pivot holes for the swing arm so now the swing arm wiggles, and trashed the 5:1 tranny when the chain bound up after the mount bent. I'm not surprised from a $100 wally world bike but man that's a ton of damage from a pot hole! I built a f/s for a reason!?! IMG_20140521_090349099_HDR.jpg

    I'll take a pic of mine tomorrow as a F/D. I just installed it this morning LOL.
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    stock wheels lasted a month and the bearings flat spotted replaced with better 12 gauge spokes and a double wall rim in the rear and the front wheel off a diamondback in the front. The so called rear shock fell apart just after the wheels roasted. I have found to use 26x1.95 tires I have to install the wheel with
    the tire flat. would not recommend this bike unless its the only option available at the time... even then better of waiting for something better!!!
  13. I have had 2 Kent/Next Avalons I motorized. One had a Golden Eagle belt drive with a Subaru Robin EHO35. I only used it a couple months when it was stolen and never recovered. The second was converted into an e-bike with an e-bikekits.com rear direct drive hub motor that came laced into a good quality wheel. The hub motor, battery, controller, wiring harness, and all, added about 20-25 pounds to the bike and I weigh about 220 pounds. As a common sense matter of course, I replaced all the wheels with better quality units(double wall alloy rims and at least 13 gauge spokes) and I always try to avoid hitting potholes, storm drains, curbs and the like. Unfortunately, we all know that sometimes we can't avoid them or don't see them in time. I also replaced the front fork when the original wore out and got wobbly with a better quality aftermarket fork that also allowed me to mount a disc brake. The Avalon survived three years of hard use, then, this Spring, I heard a little snapping sound when I hit a bump. A close inspection revealed a small crack in the frame near where the rear shock mount tabs are welded to the alloy frame at the seat tube and I put the frame in the recycling. The center frame on the Avalon is alloy, but the front and rear suspension forks are steel. All the extra weight and stress I put on the cheap Avalon were just too much and the alloy frame cracked. It held up well for a few years considering it started life as a cheapo $120.00 comfort bike that I forced to endure higher than design speeds and stresses. If you are using a cheap, big box store bike as a base bike to motorize, replace the wheels, tires, and carefully inspect the frame for cracks once a week or so. I put all the e-bike stuff on my formerly gas engined Schwinn Protocol 1.0. I bought a cheapo Kent Glendale, just like an Avalon, but without the rear suspension, and made it my friction drive gas motored bike with good quality wheels and tires. We'll see how long it holds up. :)
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    Thatsdax.com friction kit comes with the short U mount and Long U mount for rear suspension bikes.