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  1. tayotattycat

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    We have a siamoto geco 250 but it won't run it wants to go feels like something is holding it back it lurches forward it will go quiet fast then suddenly drop to about 10 mile an hour and start lurching then go again fast could we have a fuel or air problem the bike is brand new but just won't go any ideas please
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  2. jaguar

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    clean the carb
    check for air leaks at the crank seals if its a 2 stroke
    clean and retighten all the connections of the ignition system
    toss the gasoline, flush out the tank, and put new gas in. water in gas can cause erratic running
  3. sawdust

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    if it's brand new..take it back to where you bought it...they have a thing called warranty
  4. V 35

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    Could you tell us a little more about the engine ... The brand is unfamilar to me . I agree with Jaguar ... probably foul fuel, or a loose carb / manifold . Check the spark when its cold, and immediately after conk out . If spark is strong cold / weak hot, CDI box may be bad.