Fed up with Exhaust Mounting Studs

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Timbone, Oct 1, 2014.

  1. Timbone

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    Man, I am so tired of the exhaust issues. Did a decent job of being proactive, replacing studs and using Loctite, etc. Always a problem.

    Why not just use some kind of short muffler like the ones on lawnmowers? I am gonna try to fab up some kind of strap on system using a bad ass spring and a clamp held on by spokes. Because of the stupid exhaust studs, I can't ride my moto due to multiple muffler issues. It is just so loud without a muffler. I may employ a welder tomorrow but, even if that gets me rolling, I am simply back to Square 1.

    Kinda frozen in place for the moment. :/


  2. butre

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    stop overtightening the nuts and clamp the exhaust to the frame
  3. Timbone

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    The stock supplied muffler clamp will not attach to my downtube. The angles are too different. And I had to keep the muffler bolts tight. Geez how many times have I had to pull over and tighten them down? Even with Loctite? Too many!

    Problem #1: the ear of the muffler (left side) has broken off meaning that I either have to weld a new ear on or I buy a new muffler. Right side stud broke off inside the cylinder case so I cannot work with the one good ear of my muffler. I think that using the loctitie on the new stud is the reason it broke off on the inside. The stripped threads on the broken stud side are simply insult to injury. Attempts to drill out the stud have been #fail.

    I am picturing some kind of bushing with a 11/16" inset that fits slightly in the exhaust intake. That part would feed out to a short 1/2" round nipple to which you attack a small muffler. Around the nipple you attach a one piece clamp that is pulled tight around the cylinder by 14 guage spoke wire - all kept tight by a short strong spring pulling it through one of the fin channels. It might give a bit but it would never fall off.

    My frustration with the stock tensioner led me to design a much better piece! I'll show pictures soon. it's held together by tension - not by nuts and bolts. The nylon washers I use as the tensioner surface have mutated because of chain friction into a very precise bump with two valleys for the chain edges. The chain has one place to go.

    The big dangly muffler seems too much for the poor job it does. I've had every possible problem with it. It's designed to fail, really.

  4. butre

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    if the stock muffler clamp doesn't work it's a simple matter to make a new one or bend your pipe to match.
  5. crassius

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    you can wrap a length of coat hanger wire around the bottom & then up to the frame behind the pedal crank, then twist it up tight - I often attach a chain to bottom and use a spring of about 15 - 25 pounds attached up to frame too