FEDERAL LAW SAYS YES !!! And now State Law too ? Yes !!!!



Shafted in Pennsylvania

Didn't do my homework (shame on me) so today I discover I have been riding around now for one week in total violation of Pennsylvania law. In order to be a good little citizen I must have my little bike and its big powerful engine inspected for road worthiness and a "motor vehicle title constructed" at some local garage which will cost me 100 bucks. I then take this paperwork to my insurance company where I slap down another 75 bucks for insurance in case I kill someone. I then take all this documentation to (I guess a local fast tag service) pay them 10 bucks for the yearly tags and registration application, plus whatever they get for their service. I've been told that our wonderful Pennsylvania dept. of highways can take 2 months to send me this title!!! In the mean time (today) I have installed a kill switch on the handlebars and a rather unique system to easily disengage the rear wheel friction drive without turning around in the saddle. I figure if I see the gestapo before they see me and go pedal power the "BURDEN OF PROOF" will be as they say, "ON THE STATE" regardless how hot the engine is. All this has come to pass because our inept politicians made a lame attempt two years ago to tame kids with their 2HP scooters and some less than intelligent adults putting these engines on their bikes who supposedly became a danger to themselves and others on the highways and byways of good ole Penns Woods................ I can't begin to describe my total contempt and distain for this over reaching police state bureaucracy, and it gets worse with each passing year! ciao Radioman



Well Almost Anywhere

The Federal law you speak of only pertains to public streets and highways. Many parks and trails will not allow Motorized bicycles and there is nothing in Federal Highway Law that gives the FHWA (Federal Highway Administration) any jurisdiction in parks and on trails.

BTB Wild

So Radioman, after you jump through all the hoops your bike will legally be registered as a moped, correct? I live north of Pittsburgh and have serious second thoughts about buying a bike engine. Thinking a new TOMOS moped might be easier w/ title since it falls clearly within the moped category.
I share your frustration....the state of PA is one of the most freedom-strangling states in the union! And I won't get into the taxes:eek:


I live in pittsburgh and I am in the process of building a bike to drive 8 miles to school and back. I just spent a couple hours reading all the stuff regarding laws....it seems like it would be a better idea to make friends with the local cops rather than go through drafting a title and getting insurance. Although I definitely won't be building a chopper style bike anymore....thats just asking to get pulled over.


I agree with Motorbike91, I simply go TO the police when I see them and make friends, ask if they think it's a problem etc etc. 95% want to know where to buy the kit. I had one Jackson Co. Sheriff take it for a ride.... THE day I didn't have my camera phone on me.


I got the local cops to ride mine too.

Could someone please show me where the federal law is? I am having a hard time finding it. Even on the Spooky tooth web page. I do not want to get so worried that I descize my motorized bicycle by putting the engine in a baby seat and dressing it up like a baby.


it appears to me if you cant get it over 20 mph THEN its legal the fed's laws said nothing about engine size that i saw so the dax would pretty much be out of it wouldnt they if im wrong PLEASE (i really wanna be wrong) point out a section and paragraph where i can see the exeption to the 20mph law.

Hot Dog Piggy Tails

I know down here in cowlitz everyone's been curious and happy to see me on it today. I just put mine together last night. But I did ride a4 stroke scooter they knew went 30+ they only said keep a helmet on it Residential don't go on roads with a spd over 25 if you do chance it (25 - 45mph) they said keep to the side of traffic and be well lit (Head and Tail light) at night and if they receive calls thayd respond to it. But if you respected that and were safe (are) they wont hassle us so we keep new riders in the know: in turn we keep our fun reliable affordable Transpo.


I Don't Think Federal Regs Are Online

I've searched and searched online for Federal regulations but ended up going to my local police who told me what they said the Fed says... to paraphrase:
No more than 1 horsepower electric (750 Watts)
No more than 2 horsepower gas
No more than 50cc gas
No more than 20 miles per hour under power.

That said, some states allow faster, bigger, more wattage, etc. If your state has no regs then Federal regs apply but if your state has regs then go by state regs. States have the right to loosen the rules (faster, bigger, more power) but they cannot make rules tighter than Federal regulations. Check with your local police or highway patrol or possibly your local public library.
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