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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Turner, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. Turner

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    Last Monday I was out on my MB (on the sidewalk like an idiot) and I was going through an intersection when a car pulled in front of me. I grabbed the brakes but that just sent me over the bars and into his fender. it was a pretty good crash but the extent of the damage was done to me and the car. Not the bike. Anyway, I received a ticket for motor vehicle on a sidewalk and thats 2 points on my license plus a 65 dollar fine. That compounded with an auto accident I was involved in 3 days prior I'm in pretty rough shape financially. so the bike is possibly up for sale after less than a month into the game.

    It's a 70 cc Dax motor strapped to a 2008 Trek 4500 frame and other components I got from work (I work at a bike shop)

    I'm about $450 into this and I doubt very much that I'll get that much out of it so I'll put it up for 350. all offers considered.

    It's got the 36 tooth sprocket in the rear, so it'spretty quick. also, I put a dirt bike throttle on it because the cheap on that came with the dax motor broke in shipping.

    pm me if interested.


  2. starkm32

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    Hi, Eric.

    Am interested. $hipping to 01002?

  3. ihatemybike

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    Where are you located?
  4. mbatl

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    I also have a trek 4500 with a 70cc on the way, did you drill through the frame or get a clamp-mount for the front motor mount? pics?
  5. worker1

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    I sent you an offer for asking price if you are in socal because I'd like to pick up.