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  1. machiasmort

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    I find it increasingly difficult to have respect for an Organization that uses/exploits mankind's oldest and vert best friend because they are not man enough to confront the situation that they are paid to themselves.

    Just the cold hard facts on our Super Hero's.

    Loyalty is something Cop's will never know because I'd be hard pressed to find another MBr that would treat a true friend like they treat K-9's. Speaking of reward? What do these dog's get? A pat on the head a treat and unlike house pets a proper burial.

    I'm just asking people to think about what's goin on here.

    If a dog could talk and had our intelligence he'd be sayin, drop the doughnut pudgy, waddle your fat behind in the building and find the bomb yourself!

    I've got no problem with using a K-9 for non - hazardous situations (using their sense of smell e.g.). For a Cop to hide behind a tree, and send Fluffy in, is flat out Cowardice.

    Mankind would have likely not survived if not for the LOYAL companionship of the K-9. See how our Superhero's treat them now! They are of the same consistency, in my book, as the stuff we fill our tires with in prevention of flats and just as loyal to our best friends! SLIME
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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    I certainly understand your affection for dogs. I feel the same way. They really are man's best friend, in the animal kingdom anyway.

    But I can't make myself agree with you that any human being (except for a select few) should take a risk that can be passed on to any animal.

    The reason is simple; we can not afford to give animals human rights.

    We really must draw that line and we really must have more loyalty to our own species than to any other.

    (On the other hand, I suspect that we don't really have all that much loyalty to our own species. But that's only a tangentially related issue.)
  3. Pablo

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    I'm sorry I can't agree with much posted. I don't live in a world were I can make decisions based on stereotypes and prejudice. There are bad cops and great cops. In other words they are human.

    As for dogs - most police dogs are very well treated, and have very good lives. AND most are quite respected as heros and love what they do,
  4. eastwoodo4

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    they dont want to earn there money.their lazy.and i have no use for them!thats my feelings on that.
  5. Mountainman

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    have worked close with the pooolice at times at the City
    as mentioned -- some good and some bad
    problem is a bad cop can do much harm -- beating, setting up people etc etc

    the pooolice dogs seem to be well treated
    I know for fact that they receive the best in Vet, dental and other services
    retirement plan offered with full benifits

    don't get bitten by that thing !!!
  6. kerf

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    From what I know of K-9 use, in the military and police, the dog handlers form a very real bond with their dogs. They are like a family member and often are adopted by their handlers at retirement. Yes the dog will go into hazardous situations but so do their human companions.

    By the way, kerf's still my dogs little boy.
  7. Danny3xd

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    There is a documentary, maybe more that I can't watch about dogs in the military during times of war. But for the most part, I must respectfully disagree Eastwood. (but great topic!) Dogs are inherently devoted to their pack and live to serve as protectors and providers. Watch a drug, bomb or any work dog doing his or her job and they are just happy and excited. Amazing creatures to be sure.

    Between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, there is a body of water called the The Bosporus or Bosphorus (Greek: Βόσπορος), also known as the Istanbul Strait. First time I sailed threw there, it was a foggy sunrise and I was on bow watch. Every war ever fought between Europe and Asia, had armys crossing there. But as we sailed by the closest dog would bark. As we passed the next dog would start and the first would stop. Every human in the area knew we were there and also exactly where. &%^)#@ amazing!
    You could not teach a dog, much less a group of dogs this. They were just doing their "job" as they saw needed.

    I do agree that they, like any potentially dangerous tool and living being should be employed with great care. That it is us that needs training and more empathy as the more "intelligent" species.

    I really respect your position on this and did not meant to suggest otherwise.

    "A man is ethical only when life, as such, is sacred to him, that of plants and animals as that of his fellow men, and when he devotes himself helpfully to all life that is in need of help."
    Albert Schweitzer
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  8. Danny3xd

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    Cracked me up... snork
  9. eastwoodo4

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    i didnt start the topic of dogs.i was talking about cops.
    i know a couple cool ones but in general cops arent very hepful.lock your **** up.as far as cop dogs go.i try and keep the smell of cats in my car to distract them.:whistling:
  10. fasteddy

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    I'm an old mutt and I wish someone would send me into a building after a donut.

  11. Danny3xd

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    My bad. Guess I was addressing the first line.

    Thats funny about the cats.
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  12. seanhan

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    Yea police dogs have a great life...
    Where can I sign up to be one !!!!!!
  13. machiasmort

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    Best reply yet!

    Ever since my 90lb Doberman moved in, I feel like a giant squeeze toy. When I say ouch, he bites harder!
  14. Mountainman

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    identity crisis -- once again seanhan !!

    identity crisis -- once again seahan !!

    look in the mirrow and then remember

    you are a Chimp -- our brother

    Chimps don't like donuts -- how would they ever pay you for your services ???

    or as seen on the news
    ""Police Chimp jumps onto bank robbers back from Police Helicopter""
    seanhan the Police #1 Chimp
    jumped from a Police Helicopter yesterday afternoon onto
    long time wanter Bank Robber GotMineJones
    it was an aprox 48 ft leap for the Cities famous Chimp
    seanhan has filed a workers comp suit claiming that
    he was pusher out of the Helicopter by Capt Boozo
    that he would have never chosen to jump 48 ft on his own
    seanhan's main complaint seems to be his reduction in height
    he claims that before said jump he was at a height of 3'2"
    now after jump his height was measured at 2'9"

    seanhan's lawyer GetWhatsYours said that it appears
    the pooolice treat their Pooolice K-9 dogs better than the #1 Chimp
    seanhan also stated that he had to bite said defendant GotMineJones hard into rearend
    breaking his right side fang bitting tooth
    the Pooolice Dept sent him to the dentist for a silver crown
    seanhan says that all crowns for Pooolice dogs are done in gold !!!
    GetWhatsYours said that all of the true facts will be proven in a court of law....

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  15. arceeguy

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    speaking of chimps

    Forget about doggies, cops should have trunk monkeys!
  16. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    arceeguy -- seanhan's cover blown !!!

    we were not suppose to let that be known

    now seanhan's cover has been blown

    he's not the innocent Chimp that many think he is

    Pooolice Chimp also has part time job as trunk monkey

    man -- that Chimp's making some bucks -- no wonder his MB is so fine !!!

  17. arceeguy

    arceeguy Active Member

  18. bluegoatwoods

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    Trunk monkeys.....that's pretty good :)
  19. HoughMade

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    Well, let's see- never met a human that had the ability to detect explosives by smell, at a distance, through multiple layers of plastic and wrappings.

    They have not even been able to invent a machine that can come close to the sensitivity of a dog's smeller. As much as I like dogs, here is the hard truth, I'd trade one for a human life any day. One problem our society has is that it is running headlong towards treating human life as equivalent as other life- and even inferior to it. It is not. Humans should always act humanely towards animals and be wise stewards of the earth, but when it comes downt to life and death, the human life should win out.

    ...but more to the root issue, when someone complains about police over and over and over again, it tells me more about that person than the police. Why is it that I and most everybody I know (only a few exceptions) never have been "hassled" by police? Could it be that we don't act like somone the police feel the need to look at more closely?

    Are there policemen drunk with power and who are basically poor examples of humanity? Absolutely. Name me a profession without its idiots. That being said, I have never been treated unfairly by a police officer. The bad apples seem to be less prevalent than some would suggest....at least in the police ranks.
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    #1wow thats tempting fait!famous last words there.maybe you dont get out enough.

    #2guy was telling me a story the other day.he had a four wheller stolen.he seen someone riding a four wheeler in a cow pasture.so went over to talk to him.it was his 4 wheeler and he knew the guy from somewhere.the guy told him to f off.so he calls the cops and says this guys riding my stolen 4 wheeler right here in front of me.they said it was a domestic dispute and they couldnt do nothing about it.
    so.when i talk down on cops its because i cant stand there robot mantality these days.even if u watch a episode of cops from the 90``s andan episode from now.its night and day.they use to have some kind of respect for the public.now its like the cops think there seperate from the public.u know what i mean?