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    Hello all. I finished my latest build (Felt Back in Black). The pictures are in the 4 stroke build off thread under the 4 stroke section. This build definitely had some issues but it rides awesome now. I had chain alignment problems and 2 separate fuel leaks! I had to pull the wheels and forks off to mount it back on the bike stand to clean out tank and re-seal it. The Caswell sealer was too thin at the headset and popped through one of the holes. Imagine my horror when I looked down to see fuel pouring out of the lower headset bearing race onto my new springer forks.
    I used the SBP shift kit because it has a 3 speed Sturmey Archer hub that works perfect for my area with many hills. It's even easy to pedal.
    You may notice in my 1st build I used a EZM trans but I couldn't use that with the shift kit. I'll use it on my 3rd build. Boy this hobby is addictive!

    Hope you like it and feel free to ask any questions about the build.
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