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Discussion in 'Antique Motorized Bicycles' started by thedudeabides, May 21, 2008.

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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Is anybody familiar with Felt bikes? They seem to be really serious about building authentic vintage looking bikes with aluminum frames. I am getting a deal on a 3 yr-old model in Navy gray-white that looks like something you'd find at Pearl Harbour before the attack. That said, it looks like THE best base for a new and improved Whizzer-powered machine. However, the frame is aluminum and unusually thick with a faux undermount gas tank. I am wondering how it will like having a motor attached to it. I will send pictures. Happy Spring!

  2. AHA! I just found the Felt posts! Foolish and lazy me.
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    Nice user name. I'll have a Sioux City Sarsaparilla.
  4. Thanks Houghmade. I dig your style too, man.
  5. Regarding this Felt cruiser issue...
    I have seen some bikes on this site that look so authentic that it blows my mind. I cannot help but smile when I think of how much fun that thing is to ride around. Neat old (or old style) stuff not only brings joy to the owner, but to everybody who sees the thing and can think, "wow, there is something you don't see everyday." I welcome any and all suggestions on how to make this look as pre-war as possible, and we have some serious experts here. But the first question is; do I sacrifice my current NE5 for the conversion?
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    That's a tough decision you are going to make. I don't know if I could sacrifice a perfectly good working NE5.

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  8. Upon much contemplation, I really can't tear apart my NE5, so I will be looking for a belt-drive motor with the right "look" and specs. I'd like to feed it with a small cylinder gas tank like some of the mind-shredding Simpson bikes have. Hybrid, thanks for the photoshop.
  9. Happyzeds

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    I have a felt torch and placed the tank at the rear - may be another option for you :)
  10. Happyzeds

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    Here is a picture of it - the exhaust is only temporary till I get a custom one.

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  11. Here's a picture of the bike that inspired me to build my own cyclemotor...
    It's a Felt 1903...

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    where do i get the gas tank that he has
  13. huckersteve

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    I too love that tank. Must know where that came from..
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    First of all...this site is great. Just when I thought all was a go when my motor arrives, you guys have to introduce me to the Felt cruisers. Now I must have one of them...my Ross mountain bike just ain't going to cut it anymore. now I am on a quest!
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    Those are dummy tanks. They should start selling them as real ones.
  16. betio

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    Does anybody know of a dealer in Florida that actually stocks these? I called a bunch and get the same answer. "We can order you one". I would like to see one. I am about ready to call "Felt" direct and see if I can order wholesale. Unfortunately I used their online contact page and never got a response.
  17. felt=good

    I used to work at a shop that carried felt, they were one of the rare companies that had their bikes shipped in in reasonable correct tune. As the shop wheelman I can't say where they get their wheels done but they were ussually rather true out f the box. Now of course you need to re true any wheel after a hundred miles to acount for spoke seating and stretch but generally they held up well.
    Their one down side isn't really relevant here but they were HEAVY but then ths is from a guy who was riding a 11lb fixed gear at the time5 years ago
  18. ozzyu812

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    gas tank could be real

    I have seen somewhere here that the faux undermount gas tank can be made into a real gas tank. Its a matter of fuel inlet and petcock. The welds hold gas!
  19. I get the same response here in the U.K....
    I'm sure I've seen a set of instruction photos for converting the faux tank but, for the life of me I can't remember where...
  20. Felt tanks

    I've known of these since they came out. A customer of mine is tight with the players at Felt.

    There is a large hole in the steer neck, and one in the seat tube to let out pressure during the welding process.

    Here is Mason's first bike, engine is a Powder coated 48 skyhawk from a long time ago.
    http://www.simpsonmotorbikes.com/CBR1tn.html He is in Long Beach CA and Felt is somewhere nearby, as to where I can't recall.

    The tank mod is do-able, but is NOT a cork in a bottle fix.