Felt Fat Tire Ale build

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    Hello all, this is my first post on this forum. I have been working on my new motorbike build for a few weeks now. I started by picking up a Felt Fat Tire Ale giveaway bike off craigslist for super cheap.
    Here it is minus the original handle bars I put on some 40 year old schwinn bars.

    I then started playing with it. I decided to go with a 99cc predator engine, stormy archer 70mm front drum brake, Felt Abraham front fork (very nice by the way) and a few other goodies. I couldn't decide on a fuel tank for the longest time but I wound up going with a HOnd GX390 fuel tank.

    After a couple weeks the bike finally started to take shape.

    I got to the point of making throttle linkage and air filter setups to better clear my legs and pedals. I decided to pickup a PZ22 style carb since hooking up throttle would be easier and a UNI air filter slides right on. To make it all bolt to the engine I used 3/4" copper tubing and 1/4" copper plate to make an intake manifold.


  2. carcrafter22

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    At this point the bike was pretty much how I wanted it just needed to finish up a few things, finalize one or two things and then finish it all up completely.

    As of today 1/27/13 it is finished and drivable. Everything has had loctite put on it to prevent it from rattling apart and its all torqued properly.
    I need to add a tach, speedo, new hand grips but otherwise I've put around 10 miles on it so far and it works great. My 10 year old and 13 year olds have both driven it and can't get enough of it, the wife says I should hurry and build another so she can have this one.

    She is 5'10" so you can get an idea of how tall the bike is, it sits pretty low.


    I deciced to keep the front brake polished and think it turned out pretty good with the other chrome accents on the bike.
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    This bike was originally a coaster brake only bike so I added some shimano X7 brake levers which work great. I'm not sure how they're considered in the biking community but from what I can tell they're excellent, the spring loaded feature is nice.

    Closeup of the new clutch and pulley guard I made last night out of 2" X 1/8" steel plate and 1/4" round bar.

    Rear sheave. I discovered due to the wide tires I needed spacers for the sheave. I wasn't willing to wait another week or 2 to get the already made ones so I took some 3/16" plate I had and made my own.
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    Honda GX390 fuel tank purchased new so I didn't have to worry about rust or other dirt, the supports are 3/16" X 3/4" flat stock and the mounting plates are 1/8". I ran a 1/2" X 1/8" strap to under the seat post area to keep it in place, this mount is very sturdy yet light for being made of steel.

    Shot of the wires leg resting against the chain guard, it actually is much more comfortable than it looks. I tried making it as light as possible but keep it strong. I don't really care for the solid covers, they just look bulky.

    Good shot of the washers I added to the rear axle so I could have the needed clearance for the belt and sheave, without these the whizzer sheave was hitting the frame due to the needed spacers I had to install on it to clear the belt/ tire contact.

    I wanted to add a spacer between the 2 pulleys on the jackshaft till I add in the constant tension pulley later on for more ratio options on the fly. For now I picked up this copper spacer from home depot that fits the 5/8" shaft perfectly.
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    A very neat job on that build and good tech detail as to how was done.
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    This build is full of WIN. Great job with the fab work, and man do I love the style of that thing!
  7. carcrafter22

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    Thanks guys.
  8. V 35

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    Colors look ' funny ' onscreen. I like the beige, compliments your excellent metalwork. Please tell us more about the paint, the color
    looks like a real winner, either as a primary, or accent color.
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    I'm in awe of this build! Outstanding! Your bike is the kind of build that I like to show to people when I'm talking about our hobby and my own bike, as an example of other peoples' bikes. Bravo.

    Here's some video of my bike: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eb90Rv6nuEY
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    Awesome, I would love to see even more detail on how you pulled off the all belt drive...my dream. With your skills I am surprised you didn't make that into a tank frame. I dig the natural curve on the exhaust, I'd like to see the same look on the intake. Very cool and quiet I'll bet.
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    A mighty piece of machine
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    Old unneeded parts?

    I found this post because I just obtained a Felt Fat Tire Ale Cruiser today just like your project bike, but it is missing the front fender and rear rack support bars. Any chance that you would be interested in parting with yours now that you won't be needing them? PM me? Thanks, and great job by the way!!