Felt Frame Gas Tank?

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Nov 10, 2008
I searched a bit, I'm sure it's been discussed, but any ideas on sealing top tube on Felt cruisers w/o cutting it open. Maybe drill a couple holes and shoot some epoxy or?
I've done it on 2 Nirve Switchblade choppers. There is an in-depth article posted by a member named Blaze. You can search for his posts to find it. Maybe this method could work for you too. Good luck!
I also have a felt which I plan on sealing the top tube and making a tank out of it. I was wondering if you all had any suggestion as to fuel caps (gas cap)?

I was thinking that a Flip Top fuel cap would look pretty neat, however the ones I have found have been a bit to big 2-3inch. Though I would like to be able to pull up to a gas pump and refuel.

for example:

Have any ideas for something a bit smaller? 1.5" diameter opening maybe?

My build style is going to be "rat rod" style, so I'm open to any "weird" suggestions.. for example I plan on making a air filter housing out of a martini shaker..

my old requirement is that i can refuel from a gas pump, without a funnel.

thank you!
Hey edrock,sounds like we think alike, I also wanted to put a flip top on my felt I looked everywhere for a smaller one even an aircraft salvage place, I did find some smaller oil filler caps for harleys so you might google that and see what comes up.


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As I recall from the prior 'experiences in felt frame tanks' threads, there are some good sized vent holes in the vertical tubes inside the 'tank' on the Felt bikes. I would think that these holes should be welded closed before applying any sort of anti-leak tank lining.