Clutch Felt loss of power, thought clutch is slipping, after opening cover clutch won't work

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by RawRawRaw, Mar 12, 2013.

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    I felt my clutch slip a bit, and the bike felt like it wasn't getting enough power after that.

    Fearing the clutch got partially engaged, I took off the clutch cover and see this only this:
    Is there supposed to be rod sticking out?

    After taking the cover off and putting it back on it doesn't seem the shaft that moves with the cable is even touching the rod, and it's 'stuck' always in gear.
    I tried hammering the nut a bit, no avail.


  2. RawRawRaw

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    I'm going to call the left side is the side with the clutch and chain.

    After dripping some oil in the hole of the shaft, and taking the cover off the right side, and giving it a few knocks, i still couldnt get the inner part free.

    I think the inner shaft and the ball are stuck inside somehow.

    Again, the clutch was working, i eased into it, and after doing that once my acceleration performance went down, and i had to peddle to pick up speed, but once i got to speed it would stay there.

    I took the clutch cover off, and did not see a inner shaft and ball shoot out. Instead, I see the whole in outer shaft and nothing for the clutch to push in, but it was working before I opened it.

    I took the motor off the frame, and tried dismantelling it (splitting the casing) I almost got all screws off, but some are just on too tight, and the screw top is getting twisted through.

    I'm kind of stuck. How do I get the whole shaft out for the clutch to work?