Felt MP Build

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    Here's my first build, using a 2 stroke. I used the MP, but swapped out the fork for the Felt Linkage. Also used a Brooks saddle and tank from Imperial Cycles. The tires are Fat Franks - wore through the Felt quick brick tires. Fat Franks seem like a higher quality tire. On the front I used a carbide lantern I bought on Ebay for $50. I re-painted the whole bike, too, to make it look like all the components were designed to go together. Makes a huge difference to have your tank and engine painted to match up the frame. Please give me a shout if you're building off a Felt frame and need some advice - especially when it comes to drivetrain issues (of which I have had more than a few). Thanks for looking.

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    pic is low res. but very nice from what I an see, I would like to see better pics. looks like a quality build with custom gas tank?

    very cool.