Felt V-10 4 Stroke

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by Earth Mechanic, Aug 4, 2007.

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  1. Hey MBc, Just joined and posted an intro message in the introduce yourself forum. I wanted to post pic's of my motorbike here in the main forum for all to see.

    This is a 2007 Felt Cruiser V-10 with a Honda GXH50 4-stroke. The rear wheel is a 24" and the front is a 26 ". The frame is steel, not cro-mo, which makes for a smooth riding, vibrationless ride that has lots of momentum. I chose the bike because it had all the parts i wanted, stock, and my buddy is Felt rep:cool: Curb weight as shown is about 50lbs. Built in May 2007.

    I'm about 6' with long arms and the stock setup was too short for me so i replaced the saddle with a bannana seat that nailed the riding position, i mean, it corners great and feels like an old sportster. I replaced the metal tank clamps with leather straps which work good, dont scratch the tank and add to the vintage cruiser thing. Coaster brake only, im on my 2nd axle and 3rd repack in 2 months.

    The 4 stroke motor fit perfectly within the triange without mods, but the stock rear rim being 3" wide and the coaster brake made me grind out the rear sprocket ID a bit and I added lawnmower gaskets as spacers between the sproket and the spokes, and dished the wheel right to get the motor chain line correct. The wheel doesnt fit dead center in the rear triangle, but i dont notice when im rippin' it!!

    The 4 stroke motor has an extremely clean exhaust, but the gearbox is loud, I wear a full helmet just to dampen the gearbox noise. The motor dogs down going uphill and i pedal start the thing since my bike is so heavy. I wish i had 100cc's but i guess that would require licence / registration etc.

    There are currently no motor mods, but I would like to add a better air intake and carb..any suggestions? Also my motor has developed a tick that i think is related to the valve timing. the motor is currently on my workbench awaiting the service manual so i can tear into it and hopefully fix that as it reduced the power by about 15%.

    Thats it for now, check out the pics and let me know if you have carb / motor tick suggestions.

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  2. npk1977

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    WOW! Amazing, beautiful. I think you need to cut your chain :)

  3. locoWelder

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    Nice ride EM !
  4. Yea, thanks npk1977, the chain lines need to be addressed. As my bike is apart right now getting a new rear axle and hopefully fixing the tick in my motor i will address the chains when i put it back together.

    Thanks for the reply
  5. I also painted the red honda plastic drive side housing black to make it more aesthetically pleasing. it helps
  6. uncle_punk13

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  7. That is a truly unique look - and black always looks best...
  8. 4 stroke bike

    Hi looks good but I need to suggest front brake, entirely unsafe without ft brake. I have little Grube drums, or you might be able to use a clamp type rim brake. Have you removed the sheet metal from around the engine fins? If so, i understand that the engine will overheat and burn the exhaust valve, thus loss of power, and maybe a ticking noise.
    What does anyone else think? Mike
  9. where would I get a motor mount like that? I searched on google and could't find anything
  10. Do you or anyone else know where I can get just that motor mount? I don't want a whole kit just a mount.
  11. Fab your own kit

    If you have access to a welder and machine equip i would be happy to send you a schematic drawing of the mount with hardware. in fact, i would be happy to post it in the tech/mech for all to see and copy at their own risk. what are your capabilities?:eek:
  12. his dad can weld and thats pretty much it. I don't have any machining experience or tools. I was thinking of just making something out of solid 1" pvc plastic. I could just do exactly what the motor mount looks like.
  13. PVC, bad

    Good idea mistersteve but PVC may not be the best idea, its just not strong enough for the sheer stresses (sideways force) that these little motors produce. Not to mention that PVC is made with chlorine, a toxic chemical that can leach into the air, water and skin that comes in contact with it, causing carcenogenic molocules to enter our bodies, air, and water supply.

    If your buddies dad has a drill press, then i bet you could make a mount out of a solid 1" piece of metal plate though...just have him drill it the same diameter as your frame tubing, then weld it onto the frame.

  14. I'm not sure if you've ever seen solid pvc but it is plenty sturdy for this. And the chlorine wouldn't just leech out into the air. If that were the case they wouldn't sell pvc or they would be more afraid of that then car pollution. Plus solid aluminum stock would be expensive. I'll think of something once I get the engine and see how it fits.
  15. PVC, still bad

    I have seen solid pvc stock and i still say its not strong enough...at least there are equally as strong alternative materials, such as solid oak or hickory, wood-resin composites that are not made with plasticizers, and polyethylene (which is like PVC but without chlorine or plasticizers((which are the things used to make plastics go from hard to soft, or are used as release agents in heat moulding processes))).

    Not to burst your bubble mistersteve, but there are many things sold in this world that "they" should'nt sell. Who do you think "they" are anyway? Toxic products can be distributed in this world becuse they have a very minimal "per exposure" toxicity, but make a big, bad impact after many exposures, kind of like cigarettes or alchohol. Government regulated testing institutes / agencies, many times owned or operated by wealthy and powerful people, are better off to say cheap materials are safe to use because it minimizes their production cost, as you yourself wish to do. I would say a block of oak is cheaper than a block of PVC.

    Typically, the world is run by people with money and power who wish to retain money and power regardless of the alternative negative outcome to the ecosystem that supports us. Ask your parents.

    Check out this link to take all your fears to bed with you about polyvinyl-chloride (PVC):


    Im not trying to scare you MS...just trying to help.
  16. alright whatever, once I get the engine I'll see how it fits and see if I can get a bracket made from metal. If not I'll have to find something else.
  17. 5-7HEAVEN

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    :cool: all MisterSteve needs is a 1/4" metal plate, approximately 6"X12". bolt or tack on 2 muffler-type clamps, drill and elongate motor mount holes for chain adjustments and you're ready for the engine.
  18. Yeah I just dont know how to attach the actual motor to the mount. I'm hoping there is a spot where I can bolt it on.
  19. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    :cool:it should be a simple matter of aligning motor, chain and rear sprocket, then drilling the mounting holes into the plate.
  20. yeah I know that it's just it might be a problem with finiding some place to drill holes in the engine itself to mount it to the plate.