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  1. Mailman just delivered a set of fenders for my first build. I've got a springer front fork that I want to put it on but, it rubs on the outer edges with the main fork of the springer. I COULD install it like that but, I'd rather have a little bit of clearance between the fender and the forks. I don't need much room but I was wondering how some of you seasoned veterans have pinched in the edges of your fenders and still made it look good. I've got a few ideas but I'd like to hear what some others have found that works. I'd rather not go hammering on them if possible.

    I"m all ears!

    thanks for any input!

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    I wouldn't bend the fenders to get that clearance. Chances are it'll come out looking bad.

    why not just cut out a couple of notches for the clearance? Done slow and careful it shouldn't look bad.
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    Do your fenders have detents where the fork is supposed to go?
    I have fenders and a springer. The fenders came with these detents but the fork still contacted them. I just wedged them in and all was good. No squeaks or anything. Actually, the fender moves WITH the fork. So once it's in place, that's it!

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  4. That's a great looking bike Nuttsy. I put it all together today and it wasn't too bad. My fender didn't come with any detents for the forks. I just painted the front fender today after fabbing up an additional L-bracket to help it stay on. I'll likely put the entire front springer together tomorrow. I'm still waiting for my bike from Wally-world but hopefully I'll have it this week! I'll post some pics when I get them. I also have a build thread started at http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=24458

    I hope this thing comes out at least half as cool as it looks in my head!