Fender Template for Whizzer Install

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  1. tprjj49707

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    I am starting to work on the old Roadmaster with installed J model I found 20 years ago, sadly, after storing the whole works unassembled for the entire time I cannot locate the rear fender, bars & gooseneck, and rear stand.

    I do have a ladies Western Flyer donor with identical peaked fenders & other useful parts. Does anyone have leads on the template shown in the books to modify the rear fender?
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  2. Paula

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    Hi tprjj, if you mean the cutouts for belt clearsnce, Memory Lane Classics has the template listed for $3.00 on their website. It's under Whizzer Parts / Whizzer Literature:

  3. tprjj49707

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    Many, many thanks. This is exactly what I was looking for.