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    I just put a 33cc motor on my cheapo next la jolla bike. Its a friction drive. So far I've been very happy with the results. However I have seen a few pictures of bikes that have a friction kit and they have mounted the rear fender on the back of this. My question is how are they doing it. Are they drilling into the the drive chanel and mounting after maybe choping the lenght of the fender? Thanks

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    When I was using my Robin FD I added a set of Freddie Fenders. What I did was to CUT the fender just ahead of the roller. The lower end of the fender was attached down by the bottom bracket and the upper portion fastened at the rear brake mount. The rear part of the cut fender was then fastend with a zip tie to the rear cross bolt on the channel mount. The fender stays took car of the lower rear portion of the cut fender.
    Yeah, I know. Clear as mud. But, yeah cut the fender.
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    Same fender cutting principle but different setups.Make brackets tinker & mount them wherever u can,safely & firmly.
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    Some of the short fenders can be turned backwards to work.
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    Thanks for the answers I chopped the rear fender and mounted it to the drive channel with a couple bolts. I think it looks good. I'l take a picture and post it and you can tell me what you think...Thanks again:cool:
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    Fender Photo

    Here is the photo of the bike let me know what you think...Thanks

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    Terrible,Shocking,Ugly as sin :ban: ..........naa just kiddin man it looks pretty good. :cool:
    Post some close-up pics could u so we all might learn something.
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    Lookin' good!
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    hi tinker,

    hope your enjoying you new ride, who would have ever thought riding up hills would be sooo much fun......looking good.......nice clean install,

    one tip, with those stock wheels zip ties (black) will save those spokes, and help strengthen the wheel itself.

    good job with the fenders!!!!
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