few pics of random builds(better stuff to come tho)


this is the twin engine before the chain drive kit was installed(so only one engine in this pic, if ya cant tell.




Now these are crappy pics i took real quick 5 min ago(the bike has been parted out to the max). but the flat plate is where the honda was bolted down and with a lil imagination you should be able to figure out how the gearing worked.



this one is pretty damn cool. it has a tle43 mitsubishi engine with the tle52 sleeve and piston. so it has i think 51.6cc(dont quote, i could be wrong on that number). the bike is a Giant Stelletto and had a beefier rear rim with a 9 speed internal hub. the bike cruizes at right around 50. it goes faster but has no speedo and only test was done next to a car.


this one was next to the stelletto so i toke a pic of it too. this is a curie electic with one of our motors on it. its a kinda cool electric hybrid.

I will add more i just dont have the time to try and find all the pics that i have... i mean most of what where my bikes dont exist anymore but i know there are pics of them somewhere in my pa's comp.


Bike #2 Zemus, I like it.

There are two guys down here that ride recumbents with red covers. Sure looks silly with their heads sticking out. :D


love the ez sport with the windsock,i'm the only one here in town with a bent I have a GRR and a GT5 .

My GRR was built by Martin himself so I'll never get rid of her (Beckie), yes all my girls have names, bikes have attatudes just like a woman :D

Zemus DE

more pics


this was my most used bike. took it everywhere. this pic is from a hiking trail outside of cooke city mt in the beartooth mountains... good fun. bummer is that i sold it 5 monthes ago at a trade show.


this one was while we where at some old mining town in the mountains. only one of the cruizers forllowed me up the mountain... good humer


This is Rob's (my dad) bike it has a komatsu engine on it now and i dont know why but that thing screams... has litlle low end on it but once it get to 4-5k rpm it acts like a turbo kicked in and just flies.

just found pics of my old mountain bike so i figured show them and had to get a pic of the sting ray in. so there enjoy and ill be back