few qestions for the Whizzer guys

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    im thinking of buying an ambassador and have a few questions maybe people can help with....its a 2008 so is it 24" tires only? what engine should it have? any good?....are there any mst have upgrades I should be pricing now?......and who among you, wants to get their picture taken standing next to it.....sent in color to your cellphone! in color! for a mere.....$7.95 ??:cool:

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    Hi Racie35,
    This site has a lot of good info regarding the late model Amabassadors and I know Quenton has answered and addressed a lot of issues with this model. Here is just one recent thread from RangerRon and his nice Ambassador: http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?37451-My-2008-Modified-Ambassador. I have a 2008 NER Whizzer, which basically has the same set up as the late model Ambassador II. Items I seem to recall that need addressing: The stock tires are 26 inches on all the late model Ambassadors. The Ambassador II has the 3 inch wide tires that have very, very thin sidewalls and need upgrading to a more appropriate tire like a Schwalbe Fat Frank. The transmission on the II is a CVT and these seem to have had issues with different folks on this site. Research will be in order on that one. The cylinder head features the compression release which is prone to early failure and causes the engine to lean out. There is a fix for that. The engine cylinder head features a low fin "block head" type design that runs very hot. A more fin friendly NE-5 head is a good replacement if one can be found. Quenton also has been working on modifying this head by deepening the existing cooling fins. I replaced the lifters on my NER with Quenton's mushroom lifters. I believe the cylinder barrel threads are not properly heat treated and are prone to breaking should you take the head off for any modifications. Ask me how I know!:grin5: Their is also a question about the cylinder head bolts and their strength and ability to hold proper torque. As I said, there is a lot of great info about this site in order to get acquainted with this model and it's quirks but I have also read here that these issues can be resolved resulting in a reliable bike.
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    thankyou MIke...Ive been reading as much as I can ahead of getting the bike....haven't found a shipper yet