Few quaestions from a Newb.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by travr6, Jul 3, 2008.

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    I am hoping you all can answer my questions and save me hours of searching on here.

    What is the best gas mileage motoredbike or set up out right now?

    Should I look at getting a kit and transforming my bike or should I look at getting a pre made motoredbike?

    How much should I be looking to spend on a motored bike?

    What is the top speed on these?

    I was looking at picking up a Ruckus or Zuma but If I can get more fuel efficeincy out of a motored bike I would go that route.

    The Zuma gets 125 mpg and has a top speed of about 40.
    Do the motored bikes do better then that?

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    I'd recommend doing your own install. If you are going to ride, you are going to do repairs. Might as well be familiar with your machine.

    I didn't recognize the names of those scooters (?)
    Small scooters will probably be competitive with motor assisted bicycles on the gas mileage issue. Each will have pros and cons. There's no way of saying that one is definitely better than the other.

    And you shouldn't begrudge the hours you can spend learning here. It's good for you. You won't ride far if you can not understand and maintain your machine.
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    Hi im new but ill try to help.
    I think that would be a GEBE (golden eagle bike engine) setup

    it seems the vast majority of ppl get the kit for an existing bike. its also part of the fun.

    cheap chinese kit maybe $200. nice friction drive kit maybe $400. nice chain or GEBE kit maybe like $500-$600++

    they are all different. i would say as a broad general average, the normal MB will go like maybe 28mph. your 2 strokes are generally faster than the 4 strokes.

    most are more efficient than that i think. it also depends on how fat you are. i beleive the friction to be less efficient than the GEBE or chain kits.

    again id look at GEBE for efficiency. i was also looking at those scooters myself. but i came to the conclusion that i would look like a homo driving one of those. not that theres anything wrong with that ... just not the look i was going for. if you need to go 40 im sure there is a 2 stroke kit out there that can make it happen. hopefully some1 who knows will chime in.
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    Thank you very much stringer. That helped a lot. Now I have a very good starting point in my endeavors
    I absolutely hate people like you and I honestly hope that the bulk membership of people on here are not like you.

    And yes I expect people with expert knowledge to help others that lack the knowledge.

    If you were to come in on one of the boards that I have been on for years and ask questions I would have taken the time to help you out with the basics and even take my time to find links to threads that would answer your questions in more detail.
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    I understand that but I need a good jumping off point. You know a point in the right direction before I go off in the wrong direction.

    as for the scooters I mentioned....

    It was the Honda Ruckus and the Yamaha Zuma
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    A good "jumping off point" is the Crash Course I made a couple months ago. I was in the same boat as you when I first joined, as I knew nothing... but lots of that information gets asked over and over, so some people would rather tell you that you need to read, read, read instead of tell you *what* to read. I figure if you're not gonna directly answer the OP's question(s), just don't even bother to reply... somebody else will answer his question.

    How much do they cost? Chepeast kit you should consider is $400 for a friction drive Staton kit. Best kit is prolly a 4-stroke GEBE if mileage is your number one concern. A good bike & GEBE kit with all your customized tweaks (what I did was seat, grips, throttle, tires, headlight, & speedo) should cost $800 to $1000, give or take how thrifty you really are.