Few questions; fuel line, carb o-ring, plug wire, boot cap, metric couplers

ok i think its a crank seal that I was already aware of now that you mention it.

will this fuel line size work? 1/4"nipples x OD: 7/16" or am I going to need 3/16" or will 3/8" work?
Whats difference with ID and OD and will they conflict

Thanks again for all your help
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39 mph,which bike? I'd guess not the one with the apehanger bars. They tend to wear out a little quicker, at least that's been my experience. Shift kit if you want to go fast
My black bike with apehangers did 40+ today but has alot of upgrades including a balanced crank, ported cylinder, slightly upgraded exhaust etc etc. Too many upgrades to list. I plan to get a better exhaust though. I'm thinking the big Bertha pipe soon. I just got the black bike and its basically new and just recently assembled. Frame is metal and stretched. I think it's either a 29 inch or possibly a 32 inch but it's huge. Easily gets past 35 and cruises at 37-38mph and today hit 40+mph. Just has some idling issues because of a bad crank seal but my local shop was waiting on their order. Hopefully the new seal will seal the deal to put me in the 45+mph club. And eventally, i will try out a 28t sprocket to put me in the 50mph club. Before I assembled the bottom end with the top end, I fixed a major front mount issue it had. Ultimately, it needed the angle iron to get a front mount fabricated onto it and while I was rinsing it with gas, I noticed gas was leaking from a crank seal which I never noticed that happening before on any other builds so I continued to make sure the seal was bad by refilling with gas to see gas leaking from the crank seal and sure enough it was but strangely, I still hit 40mph today without totally blowing out the seal. Also I'm thinking it might not be a 29 inch frame but rather just stretched since wheels would be 29 too but I'm not exactly sure what kind of bike it is . Very unique though. I got some spare parts for sale if anyone is interested. Such as parts from a bottom end plus like 5 brand new 415 chains never used or shortened, 3 or 4 brand new rag joint sprocket setups and a few more things.
I live in the city and have had a couple of close calls, so I keep it around 25mph, and being 55 you tend to slow down a bit. Young bones heal fast
Anyone know if the stock carb or the dellorto clone that is used for these China kits will work on a 2014 Baccio 49cc scooter or the cdi or any other parts? I just got the scooter and it runs fine but just checking to see if you can used motorized bike stuff on the scooter.