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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by recaro18, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. recaro18

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    Ive been reading this forum most of the day and im very impressed by these machines, im after a chris hill 80cc motor and i was wondering if these are the best ones to go for?

    Also i have a trials bike and the frame is well too small, and i believe i need a minimum of 14" length top to bottom? correct?

    Also on the rear sprocket do you have to have the hub that you get for disk brakes so you can connect the sprocket?


  2. sparky

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    All those Chinese engines are the same, just mounting brackets & other accessories in the kit are what's different. And certainly the Japanese engines (Mitsubishi, Tanaka, Robin/Subaru, Honda) are all better than any chengine kit you buy.

    If you're looking for a frame mount, that is the bare minimum space needed in the frame.

    If you don't have the space, just get a rack-mount kit from Staton-Inc or GEBE. You'll be much happier spending the extra money on a quality kit. I promise!

    andyinchville1 is working on a disk brake & rear sprocket hub adapter, but it's not gonna be out for a lil' bit longer.
  3. stude13

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    hey 18; they all may appear the same. not all have 2 rings for one. from what i see some kits are put together in the states, so the nuts and bolts and other things have been done. one seller at least sell an upgrade that allows for larger front mount. good luck mitch
  4. bikeman6969

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    i have th ch80 and i love it.it is a sweet ride
  5. recaro18

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    The ch80 is the one i was looking at, they are made in the states and upgraded. How does that engine perform for you chap?

    the sproket on the back wheels how is that connected as i wont have disc brakes!

    All the jap engines you mentioned (Mitsubishi, Tanaka, Robin/Subaru, Honda) who sells these and how do they compare power wise and reliability
  6. augidog

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    nothing against chris, but that simply isn't true. the engines are chinese, he is in canada, where it is legal to sell the chinese engines. read some topics in general discussion, most of what you need to know is here and waiting for you :)

    please, it's clear you need to explore the garage areas of the forum, too, you'll find tons of technical details with pictures and many many answers you seek, about ALL your options.
  7. sparky

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    It's tightened on with the "clamshell" method; you clamp the sprocket onto the spokes. Very crude, but it does push you...

    Anything Japan makes beats something made in China. The Japanese get the power & reliability, which is why GM & Ford haven't been doing so well these past few years. As to where you can find them, I already told you Staton-Inc or GEBE. Staton's friction drive would be the absolute cheapest I'd wanna spend, but if I were building a bike... I'd get a NuVinci chain drive. But to each his own.