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    i still working out whats best option for me , will that be a china girl (cheap but might need a lot of tinkering about $200) 4 stroke 2x price($400) of 2 stroke and what i read not guaranteed works all the time and hard to fit under frame of bike , now i been reading about friction kits and rear mounted kits and i leering towards one what i read and easy to built and maintain apart from the changing of the roller if needed,on the friction ones (what most reliable friction or rear mounted )
    i can get a dax or staton kit for $150-$160 i just wondering how much are the engines for these or cheapish ones (say $100-150) i need one that be under 50cc mi laws , if i could get one for $100-150 i would thing about this sort of transport ,
    would this work ??? http://www.monsterscooterparts.com/49encowielst.html?productid=49encowielst&channelid=FROOG&gclid=CMCUwJ74obUCFa9aMgodRAoAiw or something like this ,
    i would not ride in rain and something that gets me 25-30 speed.
    where can i get these price engines from that will fit a friction mounting kit .
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    There are some 43cc brushcutter replacement engines on feebay for about $140 shipped that would do ya.Also by the same company (Jaxson), some Mitsubishi 43cc complete brushcutters, around $280.A good used friction-drive is every bit as good as new, maybe check the buy/sell, I'm still on the fence about selling my BMP FD, it's been sitting in a box since I went GEBE.
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    ty grinning , yes i like the friction kits a lot more i read about them , wish i could but one on my 7 speed Shimano’s Nexus internal drivetrain bike , few problems i might have is here in Michigan to ride on the road i need signal lights and back brake lights etc and might be hard to mount them on a friction kit or mount on the top flat part somehow and whats best type of bike to mount them on . ?
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    Signals and such, I bought this neat cheapo ($7.50) signal/brake-light/horn, I believe the company was t-mart, but they are on feebay too.It can mount to your seatpost, or you can get creative an mount it as you wish, regardless it will be above the drive.
    Friction drives are beautiful in their simplicity, the only downsides are wet riding and SLIGHT extra tire wear, you have to learn the pressure thing, but once you have it, it's great.The bike really doesn't matter, with my GEBE I am stuck with 26 or 24" wheels, you can put a FD on a wheelbarrow if you want.Of course no fenders, or special cut fenders (cut half the fender and mount it to the drive) are required.Again ANY steel bike will do.
    The versatility is nice too, if it has the BMP style holes cut on both sides of the drive you can build a jackshaft for crazy low (or high) gearing and the wet riding is no longer a factor.Check out posts by a dude that goes by "Lowracer", he builds very efficient jackshaft drives out of BMP's and bike rims, mounts them front or back, and goes toooooo fast for me.
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    OP just an opinion but if your going 4 stroke f/d i'd get statons f/d with the honda gx35cc from SEW. Best setup going and its worry free, nothing to regret about quality. That lil honda can sit 6 months then 2 pulls your riding. Just make sure if you do get staton buy the right size roller for your needs. PIA to go back and change it.......was thinking about shipping from 2 cos. You might want to compare statons price on motor and kit vs what I suggested. His hondas are 259.00 I think. SEW 239.00. Plus you get a cut if you buy the package deal from staton.
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    Darwin makes a good point.I run a EH035, an equivalent to the GX35 (1.6 hp), super quiet starts easy and don't stink.BUT I'm moving to a Tanaka pf4000, I live in the flatlands of NM, we get hellacious winds (20 to 30 mph is called breezy here, 40 and up is considered windy) and they can bring me and a broken in EH035 to a standstill (with full front fairing!).I've read and read here, there seems to be no way to bump up a 4-stroke for more power.
    Bamabike's story of his long trek made me search out the Tanaka, his EH035 worked great but it was just too slow when the miles started ramping up adding days to the trip.So I may swap when doing long trips, and back to the RS for quiet reliability around the area.
    Brandnewengines has some good deals on occasion as well.
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    Oldpot, here ya go!Darwin put this link on the buy/sell, http://greensboro.craigslist.org/bik/3548081667.html
    I'd contact him and see if he'll ship the FD and engine, start at $350 shipped, I'd go all the way to $400.It's a Staton with an EH035, the best on both ends, no fuss no muss.Go to the Staton site and see what you'd pay from him.You won't have any of those problems a lot of us did when we started (and went cheap).
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    37cc Huasheng from Live Fast Motors for $165. Just don't buy their crappy rear mount kit. I'd buy a friction drive kit from ThatsDax or Staton. Edit: I am not sure if the clutch on the 37cc Huasheng is 76mm or 52mm in diameter, so you'll have to check. Staton does sell the 37cc Huasheng, but does not have them in stock. He does have 78mm and 54mm kits. ThatsDax does not sell a 54mm kit. With these kits the clutch are either 76mm or 52mm in diameter and the clutch drums are 78mm and 54mm in diameter, respectively.

    Live Fast Motors kits are inferior to the ThatsDax and Staton products. There are others on this forum who've had troubles with the Live Fast Motors kits. ThatsDax has a video on his website that shows you how to install his kit.

    What's nice about ThatDax's kit is that you can mount the engine on either side of the engine mount. It doesn't appear that Staton's kit allows you to mount an engine on either side. Most 2 strokers and small 4 strokes with these kits usually run clockwise and must be mounted on the left hand side. With the ThatsDax, you can mount an engine that runs counter-clockwise on the right hand side by swapping the clutch drum and drive shaft which isn't that difficult. As long as the engine has a 76mm clutch and uses the common bolt pattern as the small Robins, Tanakas and Hondas, it will work. 4 stroke, 49cc Huasheng or Titan can be mounted on the ThatsDax, but they are a lot heavier - I wouldn't recommend it.


    Good Luck,

    AKA: BigBlue
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    ty all for your input, nice looking bike i will not have all that money until end of feb :( might be gone before that ,i still wondering what to getting info etc still and lots of reading .ty again
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    Old you might consider the 50cc super Titan from thatsdax.com. Great motor and as powerful as you can get for a 50cc 4 stroke, good price too. Make sure whatever motor you choose the shaft will fit your kit.