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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by levsmith, Nov 1, 2008.

  1. levsmith

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    hey i have read alot about flat resistant tires and the nomorflats and i was just wondering if anyone has tried filling their tires with a foam to make it kind of like the nomorflats but it would fill the entire empty space in the tire to keep the tire from moving back and forth like they do with the nomorflats? i was thinking about doing something like that for the 4" wide chopper tire since they dont have nomorflats in that size. if anyone has tried this successfully could you tell me what kind of foam you used. thanks.

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    Good question, I'd like to know also.

    I've seen lots of foam-in-a-can types, but I'm not sure if one would fill the tire and keep it hard, but I've thought about it, and may want to try it.

    I also wonder if you could stack 3 or 4 of the foam no-flat foam bike tubes side-by-side that would fit your wheel's outer diameter to fill in the extra-wide tire....................
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    hey thanks for the reply. i've also seen the foam in a can stuff but i dont think it would get hard enough. i thought about putting more than one of the foam tubes in but i think it would be hard to get them lined up right and i dont think it would fill enough space to keep the tire from coming off the rim.
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    I have dealt with foam filled tires (monofoam) Only on low speed machinery tires. only drawback is it adds like a ton of weight & wont hold up to hi speeds. Not to mention you need at least a 4+ ply sidewall to keep tire from blowing apart when foam cures.. Stick to the air tires..
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    I know that the "handyfoam" sold in home improvement stores cures to a very hard consistency. It would crack and crumble under the load of a bicycle.
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    I've been doing some research on flat free tires. NO, you can not fill them yourself is what almost all say!
    I had a friend blow a front tire yesterday on a pedal bike doing about 20mph he says. Broken leg, broken arm, and lots of road rash! Sucks to be him today!
    So I just bought "Flat Free tires" from I got 2
    26 x 1.9 Kik Tire Sierra Unidirectional (559) - Premium HD Foam filled tires for $95.85 including S/H. That use to seem like allot for 2 tires until yesterday!
    I'll post some updates after I get them, and try them out on the road.
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    if that stuff held up to long-term use, it would have replaced air in tires a long time ago
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    Air Is superior for shock absorbing ability.I had a friend who was very poor and he would take rags and cut them In large squares and pack them really tight Into his dual suspension rims.He said they were a pain to get on the rim and pack In the tire tight.But,They worked well once he got em on. He did not have a m.b. though and I do not know how they would do on a m.b..My advise,I would attempt to use a tire liner on a thorn resistant tube.I even contemplated on Instead of using commercial hard plastic tire liners to try metal or aluminum strip sanded and deburred to keep from cutting the Innertube and use It as a liner.And In my opinion.Tires could be made a lot better than they are Even air filled. but If they made them better.That would take the bottom dollar and supply and demand out of replacement parts and innertubes.Which Is a billion dollar business for bicycle companies and shops.Everything today Is created to malfunction In a few years or month's time so you either have to replace It or pay to fix It.
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    Glad to see someone besides me who thinks 40 mph Is not too fast.:grin5:
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  11. MrShorty

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    I'm still waiting for my "Air Free" tires. They said shipping takes 4-7 days. I placed my order 7/08/10. I'll post an update when I get them.
    They have some information about the tires here.
  12. MrShorty

    MrShorty Member is tending to, SUCK!

    "Where are my tires"??? I asked, 11 days (yesterday), and 12 days (today) after ordering!

    Order Number: xxxxxx
    Customer ID: xxxxx
    Date of purchase: 7/8/2010 6:52:06 PM

    They state on there site, "email answers 24 hour email answers".
    I called them yesterday, and left a message. NO response!
    I sent them an e mail last night. NO response to that one.
    E mailed again today! "Where are my tires"???
    This Sucks!
  13. TREEWK

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    I Hope They Work For You. Have Heard Of Guy`s That Tried Them And Were Not Happy.

    If I Remember Correctly, They Were A Bear To In Stall.

    Good Luck, Hope They Work For You. Ron
  14. AussieSteve

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    Hopefully they'll arrive soon, MrShorty. I'll be most interested to hear how they go. In the past, I've read that they 'flat-spot' easily. Time will tell.
  15. nightrider

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    Airfreetires has had a bad reputation for slow to nonexistent shipping for years. You may have to eventually dispute the charge on your credit card.

    If you want to try something like that, Kenda airfree inserts may be the better way to go. Kenda is a much bigger company and the inserts mean you can use your existing tires, which give better grip than polyurethane.
  16. 5446

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    Hi I was just wondering if you ever got em and how you like em?
  17. MrShorty

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    I finally got the tires 28 days later. The company will not answer any emails or phone calls that I sent them, and it was a bunch of each!
    I put them on today and they weren't that hard to get on the rims. I guess it was about an hour from start to finish to do both wheels. Then I took it for a ride. They handle pretty good on the road, a little slick on the grass. I read somewhere to take sawdust and wipe the tires down to get the silicone off of them, and that worked. They do ride harder, but that was expected. My old tires had 50psi, and these are made to ride like a 90psi tire. That was a recommendation from a bicycle web site to get between 90psi and 110psi for my 235lb weight.
    All in all, I like them so far. But I will never deal with that company again.
  18. 5446

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    Thanks good to know about the tires AND the company!
  19. MrShorty

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    The "airfree" are coming OFF my bike!
    I went down this afternoon from the tires!
    I was riding along a route that I run on a regular basis around town, before installing the "airfree" tires. Never had any worries other than a blowout.
    Today I got up to 28mph, and it was kind of like riding on snow or ice. So I slowed down to 25mph to get where I was going. It was still a weird feeling, like the rear wheel was moving around. I looked down at it and it was still tracking the same. I pulled over and checked to see if it had moved. It hadn't moved, and was very tight. So off I went, slowly (25mph max., usually run 35mph +). Got to a turn at a shopping center where it changes from asphalt to concrete that I have been over an easy 40 times, and slowed down to 5mph or so. The slowest I've ever taken this turn off ramp, and the bike went out from under me like riding on ice. It was so fast going down, there wasn't time to do anything.
    My right knee took the biggest hit, but didn't bleed allot until I got home and cleaned it up, hurts like **** now to move it. Right elbow, has some road rash. and the bike, a little scratch on the top of the tank, and a broken clutch lever (that made the scratch I think, but I went down on the right side, and broke the lever on the left side?). It happened so fast, all I know is, the tire slid left and I went down to the right.
    I'll be putting the real rubber tires back on in the morning! If I can limp out to the garage.
    "Airfree tires" get a F- in my book!
  20. TREEWK

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    Mr Shorty

    That`s What I Was Afraid Of! But I Didn`t Want To Rain On Your Parade.

    Don`t Know Why They Still Sell Them.

    Hope You Heal Fast And Completly.