Final Closeout, Skyhawk Canada

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  1. skyhawkcanada

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    I still have a few parts left from my website (2003-2005 RIP), let me know if you'd like some, I can PROMISE great deals, email me direct for the package pricing,..

    I still have available:
    -Front coaster brake hubs (aluminum) - $30-40 range - must be spoked to a wheel, but your BEST bet for forward braking..
    -HD (Wide) Chains, AND Drive Sprockets
    -Regular width drive sprockets
    -push button clutch handles
    -all black or silver and black throttle handles with kill switch incorporated. .
    -cables included
    -paper cone filter for standard carb - looks great!!!
    -extended 'street' muffler, or 'chopper size' muffler (fits OCC Schwinn best, but accomodates all chopper frames.
    -Rear rack gas tanks (EXTREMELY LTD quantities)
    -Underbar gas tanks
    -Chrome gas tanks (2L)
    -clutch kits

    Let me know if i can send you a package deal (ideally), or I can sell individual parts if you need.. tell your friends!!!!

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  3. skyhawkcanada

    skyhawkcanada New Member

    hehe yup, Im that Jason

  4. cgbjake

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    I'd be interested in a all black throttle with built in kill switch. Do you have any left?
  5. skyhawkcanada

    skyhawkcanada New Member

    sure do (also black and silver ones), email me direct at

  6. skyhawkcanada

    skyhawkcanada New Member

    Now SOLD OUT

    SOLD OUT of rear rack tanks, still have underbar and plenty of chrome teardrop style ones tho.. as well as all parts listed above, and if you need anything else in particular, never hurts to ask!!
  7. johnny q

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    would you happen to have one of those beefed up rear axles that a rear sprocket would bolt onto ?
  8. KilroyCD

    KilroyCD Active Member

    The front coaster brakes you spoke of, are they actually drum brakes, and do you have any photos of them?
  9. skyhawkcanada

    skyhawkcanada New Member

    yes they are, and yes i do. you just need to spoke it onto the rim itself. let me know if your interested.


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  10. biken stins

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    Would like to get a Front coaster brake hub and a extended 'street' muffler.

    Thanks, Stins
  11. skyhawkcanada

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    Hi biken stins

    sure, just drop me an email - dj_ooze(at)

    talk to you soon,