Final Install of my Leaf Blowe Motor.



Final Install of my Leaf Blower Motor.

Ok after only about 6 hours total i finished my little project. I mounted a husquvanna<(SP) back pack leaf blower 30+cc motor on my BMX bike. I didn't have much of a problem other debating wether to do a sprocket or shaft drive. Well I decided to take the easy route out. I used a shaft drive. Easy start. I didn't do a spring system i just mounted the shaft directly against the tire. It isn't that hard to start. I have to be going about 5mph to start it, Or i can use the pull start, wich is easy to warm up the motor before i try to ride. If i wanna stop all i do is hit the kill switch and brake. It starts back up after i pedal a little bit more not a problem. Ok, topspeed i am estimating 30+mph straight away, going up a hill not that good only about 12-15 with pedaling. I wasn't expecting much going up a hill with a small motor but once it is a full throttle. it is fast and quiet. The hill for example is a very steep hill , so i'm sure if i was going up a minor hill it would be maybe 15-20. I haven't got a chance to take it very far yet but i will keep you all posted.Thanks to alll the ideas i have got from all the members on here how to do a simple install. Thanks again.


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I had used a 1 3/8 inch diameter 1/8 inch 11 gauge thick hollow steel pipe. Attached to a 2 1/2 inch diameter 1/8 inch thick washer. The easiest part of this was that the blower disc had 3 holes already tapped in the small shaft attached to the moter, so all i had to do is drill the holes in the washer to match the 3 holes in the shaft. The only welding on this whole project was the washer to the rod, everthing else i drilled tapped and screwed. Yeah i had to do some fabricating with the steel braces , but thats simple compared to doing all the welding. So if i ever wanted to remove the moter it would be simple and not have to worry about grinding welds.
If you all want some more close up pics i can take them today after i get up lol
Cool! It's amazing how easy it can be. Can you give us a closer picture of the three bolted drive shaft before you installed the roller?

I have been eyeballing a 4 stroke Millwaukie (sp?) leaf blower at Home Depot. I think it's around 30cc and $170.
I don't have a pic of it before, but i will take a close up of the 3 screw holes.

ok sorry for the crappy pics. the last pic is whats left of my leaf blower lol. If i wanted to make the bike go faster do i use a smaller shaft????. Cause if so i will problebly take the time and get a more corse shaft. Its ok now but i don't know how long. I used JB weld and ground up stones and mixed the two together and applied with a glove. That may have been the dumbest thing i couldve done but it was the first thing that came to my mind. I used what was laying around. I have about $5 in this whole project. The leaf blower was givin to me about 3 years ago and only used maybe once, so i figured i may have well get some use out of the motor. thanks


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An excellent motor conversion :D Very nicely done.

Myself I could never understand what use a leaf blower was anyway, - I'd rather use a rake or a broom and get the job done properly.