Finally broke down...


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1:45 AM
Apr 28, 2008
Calgary Alberta
No, not my bike. Me. I finally broke down and bought a motorcycle for $1200. It's what I've always wanted, and I need to get it out of my system. The insurance is only $200 a year here in Alberta, and of course, gas is getting outrageous, but will be cheaper. This will be my "long-distance" bike, and my motored bike will be for short little day-time jaunts, like Home Depot and whatnot.
Nobody panic, I'm still a motored biker at heart! I just felt the need, for speed, and to be honest, I can't really trust my little bike for really long rides, when I have to get to work at a certain time.

My next question...has anyone else bought a motorcycle because you wanted that little bit extra speed, and the 36 tooth sprocket just wasn't quite doing it?
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Love speed.
I ride a Kawi 1600 Classic. Went up the scale from mini-bike to moped, to 125cc, then a 250, 600, 750, now the 1600. It never ends. Now I also own 2 MB's. Once Bitten.......

Checkout :
my last big bike was an old rocked the house, itellyawut...but for some reason i'm even happier going 30mph on something i built.

i happened to be running a "security check" on a neighbor's house, there was a suzuki crotch-rocket parked there i'd never seen before. turns out it was all cool, only an old friend looking for his buddy.

he said to me "admit it, you only came over here to look at the ride."

i guffawed & said "shoot, i seen a million of those..." i brought my MB over and asked "how many of these have you seen?" he went gaga over it. MB's win again ;)

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I am going to have to admit it, but I am waiting till I get enough money to buy my dream motorcycle. An old Kawasaki H2 750. (750cc 2-stroke 3-cylinder).
But don't worry I'll be still using my mb to go and get groceries and ride short distances around town. And make the "Hey, Is that a whizzer, I used to have one as a kid" people drool.


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those 3-cyl kawi's are rocket-sleds!! put a pipe on one to "see god" ;)

yup, a time & place for everything, MB's surely have a spot in our lives :cool:
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If it Rolls and goes I dig it. My only running vehicle right now is the '83 Honda Nighthawk 550. It rocks. I needed something that would go highway speeds. I use it for groceries, commuting to work, commuting to band practice, running errands, and fun. My GEBE is almost done though and I will use that for much of my running around. Once the GEBE is done I will finish repairing the Whizzer, the Happy Tiime, and the Island hopper...
The MB's are still tops in my book though, and there's nothing like traveling long distance at low speed as you become one with the surrounding environment and really get to interact with it; to become one with it as it should be. PLUS, the smile per mile factor is so much more than any other vehicle... I could go on but really I'm just preachin' the MB gospel to the choir here!


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Let's face it -- most guys and some ladies -- just enjoy those two wheels rolling -- no matter what the size of engine !!! Small MB - yes -- large bike - yes --- it would be nice to have - MB for those times when speed is not the big thing - dirt bike for the dirt - Harley for the long road.. That's what I am talking about... Happy Riding from - Mountainman
No kidding...people are bored with cars it seems, especially with the expense of gas. I was helping a customer start his bike up for the first time, and another guy stopped just off the sidewalk, and left with my phone number in hand. I can hardly go a block without someone asking me about the bikes!!! If I had enough kits or assembled bikes, I could really make a go of this.
Two wheels are definitely better than four!
My last bike Yamaha RD400F Daytona Special.....


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my last motorcycle was a Kawasaki 450, just a small 'round town kinda bike. I was on the way home one bright sunny day, and some person in a car decided to make a left turn in front of me. (we were headed in opposite directions) I woke up in the hospital one day, ~2 weeks later, with between 72-96 fractures, a lot of them compound, I had also sustained a 'closed head injury'. I spent just about a month in the hospital and spent the next year going to the Dr.'s office and learning to walk again.
In 1998 I got a real nice TREK full suspension mtn bike and haven't stopped riding a bicycle since;)