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    While out riding Sunday I developed a fuel leak so.......... that led to a tune up :evilgrin: changing out the fuel lines I broke the newer fuel filter so had to get another one and thought while I was at the store I'd finally get around to changing the original spark plug and get rid of those weak squeeze hose clamps and get some screw type clamps. Wish I had done that a long time ago man what a difference seems to have a lot more power (duh it's sparking better).

    So anyway I have a question it's running a little rich but, running good should I lean it out a little or leave it alone. I've always believed it to be better to run a little rich so that you don't do any damage to the engine. If I decide to lean it out that's droping the clip one notch right? or is it going up?

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    I recommend leaving it a bit on the rich side as the only oil that the engine is getting is what's mixed in with the gasoline. More oil = better lubricating and longer engine life.
    Do NOT add more oil to the fuel/ oil ratio though. (added in for the newb's).
    Stay at 20:1 with cheap oil, or I like 32:1 with quality synthetic.

    If you really want to play around with the carburetor's air/ fuel ratio: raising the clip up the needle leans out the ratio while lowering the clip position richens the ratio. To help you picture it, think about how the needle will sit inside the needle jet after you are done. Lowering the clip position raises the needle up and creates a bigger hole, and opposite, down creates a smaller hole because the needle is tapered.
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    That's what I was thinking just wanted a second opinion.