Finally Good Exhaust Gaskets!!

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Gearhead73, Nov 15, 2008.

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    Hey fellow bike enthusiasts. Does your motor leak black **** around the muffler? Or even worse spit hot black gas/oil mixture on your ankles when you riding? Have you tried the replacement gaskets readily availble the to get even worse results? I have the answer!! After testing several different types of gasket materials I have come up with an absolutely top notch exhaust gasket! IT DOES NOT LEAK AT ALL! I would love to sell them. I think I have a top notch gasket. Here is the deal, I plan to give a few of them away with the agreement that anybody I give a free one to reports its performance on this or any other thread on this forum. If you are interested in of these freebies please email me at[/U][/I]. After the freebies are all gone they will be $5 each post paid. A great deal when you consider the price of the competiters gaskets and their performance. Please take me up on my freebie offer while you can. I promise you will never use any other exhaust gasket again! I will also offer a money back guarntee to any one who misses the freebie offer!!

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    a couple things.....

    head gaskets? or exhaust gaskets?
    there is a difference.
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    Exhaust gaskets. Sorry about the typo. I have had nothing but headaches with them and it seems like nearly everyone I have ever seen (quite a few) leaks. I still have a hand full of freebies.

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    thanks for clearing that up...I fixed your title.
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    Thank you sir!! I was a little tired and excited when I posted last night. I have installed my gasket on three local bikes (including my own) and they have preformed flawlessly. I buddy Gunnar (the Biking Viking) swore it quieted down his exhaust.
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    any chance of getting a 3x3 uncut piece to try on my GP460 ?

  7. rlsdsurfer

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    Gearhead, I'm a novice gettin ready to build my first bike. I'm gathering info anfd your claim that these engines all leak hot oil and gas is putting a damper onthe whole idea! Do they all leak? I amseeting mine up for the beach and surfing, I don't want hot oil blowing on my bare feet and legs and my $750 Rusty surfboard. If this is true and you do have a leak proof exhast gasket for free please send it.

    Thanx Ron aka rlsdsurfer
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    Hey surfer, no worries. I have seen one bike engine out or the 10 or so local bike engines that don't leak. Please don't let that stop you from making your purchase. You must keep in mind that these low cost engines. If you want to spend more money get yourself a Grubee motor mount and transmission with a Honda GX50. It will cost you two to three times as much and you won't have any more fun (motored bikes are an absolute blast). The exhaust gaskets on these inexpensive little engines leak. This is easily fixed. These simple little engines tend be pretty reliable as long as you keep everything tight and use loctite to keep it that way. Keep on eye on your chain and adjust the chain idler as neccesary,especially with a new chain as they stretch the most. That's IT! It is kinda like boats. You can have just as much fun in an old $500 Johnboat as a $50,000 deckboat.
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    Hey Gearhead, thanx for input. I think the "Leaking" issue is slightly blown out of proportion. I was under the impression the they BLOW oil/gas on you while your riding. I can understand and except a small leak that over time will get oily and greasy. Most cars do that. Anyway , if you hace a free gasket that works best by all means send that puppy. PLEASE Grubee trany? You can add a trany to these things to! I'll have to check that out to, probablly something else to go wrong lol. SInce I am on a fixed income cost is always the deciding factor unfortunatly:( Are you a mechanic? Have you seen the direct drive setup that Scooterguy has? Pretty cool except I don't like the side mount or the plastic gas tank. I wonder if you could make a regular tank work? Why not it's just a tank and a line? Take a look tell me what you think. talk later thanx again hagd
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    Have you started selling them yet? Because if so, we need to put you in the vendor area section and change your title to vendor...