Engine Trouble Finally got it started!

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by jefuchs, Jan 7, 2013.

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    I just rode that thing around the block for the first time. It took a lot of work, breaking a motor in an attempt to start it for the first time, ordering a new motor, adding a decompression valve, and spraying starter fluid, but it finally ran.

    After just one lap around the block, some bolts were loosening, so I'll be adding loctite, and hitting the road again. For someone with no mechanical skills, this is a real challenge!

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    Forgot to mention: Even though I ran it for a very short time, it was a blast!!!
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    I know the feeling
    When I got my 4 stroke kit I like to never go it to start but when it did.
    JOY JOY JOY I was so happy I could not wait to ride I still love my first time, she starts right up now. Ride her almost daily I named her The Killer Tomato.
    Came up with the name after a post I made making fun of 12-21-12 and how the world was going to end my answer was, just like that old 60's Movie, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, she a red Schwinn so I named her Killer Tomato LOL
    Welcome to the form post pictures of your build
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    I know how it feels when you finally get it to start .
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    The day after I got it started for the first time, we got pounded with tropical storm conditions for over a week, and I only got to mess with the bike a little bit.

    It seemed I was back where I started, the thing was impossible to start again.

    After tinkering with everything, it seems the problem was a simple electrical connection. I still need to solder that factory connector, but with a little fiddling, it's working fine for now.

    Current situation: The bike starts very easily when I use the decompression valve. I can start it at low pedaling speeds, and it runs pretty reliably. There are some idling issues, but that seems very insignificant compared to all the time I spent not being able to start it at all.

    I feel like I'll need a choke cable. It's very difficult to steer, work the throttle, and still reach down to the motor to work the choke at the same time. Still, that's a minor issue.

    For now, I'll keep riding with a backpack full of tools, just in case.
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    I ride with a tools even with a bran new kit and Kevlar tires.