FINALLY!!! i get to ride

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by akyramoto, Jun 27, 2008.

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    oh it's so awesome. the anticipation has been killing me!! finally got somewhere on the ole license & whatnot - which I'll post about in the law section. But it's soo rad to get to ride the whizzer!! I love it!! started right up too!!

    went to the bank, a nice older lady was asking me about it - how much do they cost, where'd ya get it, how fast is it etc. She seemed really interested in it. She almost fell over backwards when I told her how many MPG it gets!!

    Good times!! got a new helmet - a moto helmet, didn't wanna ride around in a bicycle helmet. Its a little warm but I don't mind too much. I love my bike, it's such a blast. feels so fast compared to riding my regular bike!! ( which it is obviously).

    So just wanted to share what a rad day I'm having so far!! Sooooo COOL!!!!

  2. glad to hear another successful project has hit the road!!

    congrats on your achievement!!

    Now get out there and ride!!!!:smile:

    Troy Fitz.
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    Carrot said it well, "Now get out there and ride."

    We're happy for you. Always great to hear of one more out there saving the world and having fun.
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    I think when MotoSchwinn II is done, I'll spend a day taking it thru the bank drive thru, Sonic, and where ever else I can dream up.