Finally i got to ride my mb!!

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    Holy **** if i wasn't so lazy I'd write all the **** I went through to get this bugger running for about a total of 2 to 3 minutes! It was cut short by a bolt for the engine mount breaking!! FUDING SCARY!! Yeah anyways that just goes on the list of reasons why not to buy cheap jap kits!! This I learned all to late! On Thursday I am going to take to a local motorcycle/moped shop and have them fix the chain(another problem why it didn't run that long), and then off to a hardware store to find some bolts to mount the muffler, and somewhere else to have them weld the engine mounts! Not that wise to weld the engine I know but is not responding to me about the warranty or replacement requests so I'm well lets just say the word rhymes with bucked about having them replace it! For the few moments though....I knew how God must of felt when he rides his motorized bike or as I like to call it the po-boy moped or replica classic moped!

    I just can not wait to have it ready for day to day use!!

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    oh i put rap plus a c in front of that not holy sh well you know!
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    But you say "cheap jap" kit...I don't know of any kits being offered by Japan, and in the US there companies using Japanese-designed engines then adding components, which all have their pluses and minuses.

    I've used 4, Zenoah, Robin/Subaru, Tanaka and a couple of Hondas and the engines are usually bomb-proof. It's all in the cylinder....

    Other items may fail, like straps and bolts, but usually the engine is fine.
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